Monday Mantra: 5/29/17

Happy Monday.

Wow, can you believe it is the last Monday in May? Can you believe that June is basically here? We are already halfway through the year. This is crazy to me! I think that time seems to be speeding up because we are moving towards something. For a quick refresh, remember that this year is a 1 year, in numerology, which means that there will be lots of changes and new beginnings in our lives. These changes are all for the best and serve our highest good, and they will be defining the next nine year cycle of our lives.
I can feel good things on the horizon for us, and like I said a minute ago, I think that is why time seems to be going so quickly. We are moving towards something that will define who we are and what our paths are during the next nine years. Hold positive thoughts about these changes, so that things turn out the way you want them to!
So, enter today’s Monday Mantra. We must let the Universe, our angels, and spirit guides know that we are open to receiving. When you are closed off from receiving, things don’t work out as quickly as you hoped. But when you declare that you are open to receiving all the good life has to offer you, things will manifest before you in the blink of an eye.

Journal Questions:

  1. Where have I been blocking myself? How can I remove these blockages and open up to receiving?
  2. What good is in my life already? How can I bring more of that good into my life?

Have a fabulous Monday & week!
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