Summer of Love: 50 Years Later

San Francisco, CA, 1967.

The hippie movement was in full swing throughout the San Francisco neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury. Young people from all over, with different backgrounds, from different cultures, gathered together to be themselves and spread love. Music and art was changing and ever-evolving. People were reconnecting with their spirits, and nature. Learning to love and accept of themselves, and hoping to share this awareness with others.
There was a grand fight for love, and expansion. Innate abilities were being reborn and the souls inspired did not give a damn about what the others thought. They were free, and they were being true to themselves. And no one ever could, or would, be able to take that beauty away from them.

Phoenix, AZ, 2017.

Today I sit here, in my living room, listening to my 1960’s records, burning incense, and longing for a time that I feel I remember, even though this body wasn’t there. I always knew I had lived in the ’60s, and then a psychic confirmed that theory to me in my teen years. I have had memories and seen my past life in the ’60s through dreams and meditation. But that point is neither here, nor there.
The point here, is that I sit and I see, and I feel, the same type of fire in young people today that burned in the young people of yesteryear. We long for freedom, acceptance, love, and understanding. We long to see compassion and empathy amongst those we share this Earth with. We long for expansion, use of our innate abilities, the challenge of living our dreams. We want to stand out from the crowd and follow our own paths, with our own tribes, and positive vibes.
We want art and creativity. We want good music and ways to connect with others. We want spiritual enlightenment and to feel safe knowing that there is a special reason we are here.
Some call us millennials, both in “good,” and “bad,” ways. I don’t care for the word, myself. I think we are more than that. I think we don’t deserve to be talked down to because we value our own freedom over cultural expectations. I don’t see how choosing love and freedom could ever be the wrong decision. Go on, and call me a millennial. I apologize if I have more self-love and confidence than you non-millennials, so much so that I choose to live a life of optimism and happiness, as opposed to one of pessimism and closed-mindedness.  But I digress, as that is your path and this is mine.

Rise from the ashes.

As we continue throughout our lives, and more immediate, this summer, the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, let us hold these thoughts and fiery passions with us into the next summer, and then the next, and the next.
We are a group of extraordinary, divine sparks of light, with a mission to spread love. We spread this love in many ways, through art, music, film, poetry, blogging – whatever makes our hearts sing. And that is what we must continue to do.
The ’60s created this movement, yet I feel it failed to carry through. Times changed, and so did the dream. But now, here we are, with similar aspirations. My wish is for us to be successful in carrying out the peace and love, this time. My wish is to keep seeing new art, hearing new music, witness more people get in touch with their spirituality and intuition. My wish is to live in a loving world, with people who want to help each other, spread awareness, and compassion . . .

 . . . because . . . what else are we here for?

So keep rockin-and-a-rollin’. Keep loving yourself so much, it deflects people who don’t deserve to know you. Keep following your dreams, and doing what you love. When we can accomplish these things, love and bliss will radiate off us and onto other people. And then we will start to see the changes we want to see.


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  1. Hello – I’m so glad to find some young contemporaries who are seeking the good stuff in life. I really was there in the 1960’s and it was a wonderful time to be alive. People actually cared about each other, shared their food, their music, and their shelter. Now it seems that nobody wants to do anything but get money by cheating or scamming, and just have fun by beating, stabbing, killing each other and watching grisly thrill-murders in movies and TV. I honestly don’t understand why this is the popular lifestyle. But it seems to be what the majority of the people want. Those of us who want something different, now is the time to share it and support each other in this. Thank you for your blog. Victoria.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment! I love to hear about the 60’s! Your words are wonderful and so true. I dont like what’s popular now, as you stated. That is why I started this blog. I want to share more love and light and hope to see a better future. Thank you, again!

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