Card Reading: 6/4/17 – 6/10/17 (VIDEO)

Big News.

Hello everyone! This week I have made the decision to start something new for my card readings. I am so excited to announce that I started a YouTube channel called, Angel Messages with Morgan. Here is a link to my channel:

I felt that I needed to build more connection with my readers, potential readers, and potential clients, and this is why I decided to start filming my weekly readings. Please take a look and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. There is only one video up there, currently, but I plan on adding many more, if everyone seems to be enjoying them. 🙂

The Reading.

This week, the angels are urging you to remove past life karma which may be blocking you from moving forward on your current path.

As you can tell, I am very new to recording. I plan to enhance the videos as time goes on. But I hope that the message still came through to you and I hope me and the angels could help you out a little bit today. Here is a close up of the cards, if you wanted a better look:


Have a blessed week! Also, keep in mind that we have a full moon, this Saturday, June 10th. Full moons are the best time to let things go. Especially past karmas!



If this reading spoke to you, please share it with your loved ones! 🙂 Follow & subscribe to me on Modern Mystic Musings, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter fore more daily guidance.

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