10 Ways to Love Yourself More

The Importance of Self-Love.

One of the most powerful messages I ever received was when a friend’s mom, and Reiki Master, told me that I must love myself, before I could love others. I was only fifteen when she laid these words of wisdom on me, and I can still see her brilliant blue eyes shining as she stared into me and said those words. We were connecting on a soul-level, and I still think of her as one of my greatest spiritual teachers. In fact, she just offered me more assistance last week, after quite some time of not speaking, and it made me so happy!
But anyway, her words have stuck with me for all these years. I never forgot them, and I feel they really shaped who I am in a spiritual sense. Prior to that day, I thought that I did love myself. Only now can I see that her words really did change my life. Once I truly began the journey of  self-acceptance, things started coming together for me. Many soulmates entered my life. My calling became more clear. My intuition became stronger. It was a time of great growth and expansion. And as I continue to love myself, things continue to fall into place this way. I am able to step into, and stand in, my own power. And that feels amazing.
Learning to love yourself may take some time. Figuring out how to be true to yourself may take even longer. That is why I have constructed this list from personal experience. So without another moment, here is my list of 10 Ways to Love Yourself More.

1. Be honest with yourself.

Sometimes we may hide our feelings from others, knowingly. But what about unknowingly hiding feelings from you? It is important to always be truthful to yourself. I’m talking about both negative feelings and positive ones. Don’t cut you short by keeping secrets from yourself.

2. Avoid people-pleasing.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned is to always choose what feels best for me. This can be something as big as moving homes or jobs, or something as simple as not wanting to visit a certain person, or agreeing to going out, when you would rather stay home. Over the years, I have found that listening to my inner voice is more important than doing what others expect of me. Plus, knowing that I have the power to choose, helps me get through times when I can’t get out of something I agreed to. Less anxiety is always a good thing.

3. Give yourself time to rest & rejuvenate.

I love days when I get to take a bath, or do my nails. I also love days when I wake up feeling completely rested! It’s important to make time for pampering and extra sleep. Days like that help you to process everything that is going on in your life and the world around you. Taking care of your body is one of the best ways to honor your spirit. Strive to make time for yourself, even if all you can afford is one day a month.

4. Let others know what you need from them.

A destroyer among relationships is keeping quiet. If a romantic partner, friend, coworker, or even family member is doing something that hurts your feelings, or makes you feel insignificant, you must love yourself enough to let them know what’s up. Maybe they aren’t aware of how their actions or words are affecting you. And they will never know, unless you speak up. You are the creator of your own happiness. Don’t submit into the role of victim. Let others know what you need.

5. Do what you love.

I talk to a lot of people who express to me that they don’t know what their life’s calling is. I always tell them to start by doing what they love. What I mean by this is that you must get yourself out there, and try your hand at things that interest you. If you never try to find that one thing that lights your fire, then you will never have it. And remember, there are no rules in life. You can try one million different things before you find the perfect fit for you. And that is perfectly okay.

6. Embrace your shadow side.

We all have a shadow side. Ya know, that side that is darker than your light side? I tend to think of myself as a very positive person, and I know that I am. But sometimes, I fall into moods that are much heavier, or darker, than my usual happy-go-lucky. However, since I have truly started loving myself, and following my passion, those dark moods don’t come along as often as they used to. And when they do come along, they sure as hell don’t last long, because I have figured out how to embrace them, and then let them go. Don’t dwell on the dark side, but don’t push it away, either. You are human. Everything you feel is exactly what you are supposed to feel at that moment. Deal with it, and release it.

7. Recognize your accomplishments.

This is one that has become important to me over the past few years, especially the last few months, since I started blogging. Recognizing and showing yourself praise for your accomplishments is extremely important for your growth. It is not “bad,” to be proud of yourself. It is empowering, and good for your soul. So think about something you have accomplished this year. How about something you accomplished this month? This week? Today? Pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments, no matter how small you may think they are.

8. Don’t let change scare you.

This is a big one for myself, and a lot of people. Change can be absolutely terrifying! But like I said in #6, deal with it, and then let it go. If we don’t change, we don’t evolve. Think of the butterfly. See what I mean? Change is necessary. Everything that you love in your life wasn’t always there. If things didn’t once change, then you wouldn’t have those things you love so much. Don’t let fear of change hold you back from chasing your dreams.
Watch: The Universal Law of Change.

9. Define your values.

Knowing what is important to you in life, helps you to know what you want more of in your life, and what you want less of. Creating a life full of things you value is a great way to show yourself more love. Why deal with things you don’t want? Why put yourself through that? Decide what you do want in your life, and surround yourself with those things. Your spirit will thank you.

10. Listen to your intuition.

Think about everything I just said. Is there something that stuck out to you as important, right now? Is there anything that you don’t necessarily feel you need to do? Knowing your answer to those questions means you are already on the journey of loving yourself. Congrats! If you can answer those questions, you are listening to your intuition. You know what you need to obtain wholeness within your mind, body, and spirit. Knowing what is best for you, and what will serve your highest good is an amazing asset to have. The challenge here is to follow through with what your intuition tells you. If something sounds good to you today, go for it. If that same thing sounds bad in a week, drop it. See what I’m saying here? Love yourself enough to listen to your heart. It won’t guide you in the wrong direction.

It’s your journey.

I hope that you found some comfort in this post, and walked away with something. Keep in mind that this is your journey. Move at your own pace, take your time. Learn to love yourself and all your flaws. Define your values, listen to your intuition, and your body. You are the master manifestor in your life. Only you can decide how to love yourself. Only you can decide what you want your life to be like, or what the best version of you is. So enjoy being with yourself. Enjoy being yourself. And enjoy your beautiful, personal, journey.

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