The Inner Marriage: Finding Balance Between Male & Female Energies

The Universal Law of Gender

My third class at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts was called, Mysticism and Universal Laws. I have only one week left of this class, and I must say that I enjoyed it a lot. I honestly wish it was a little longer than 5 weeks! Meanwhile, the book we used for the class was Divine Magic: The Seven Sacred Secrets of Manifestation, by none other than Doreen Virtue (one of my favorites).
In the book, Doreen educates readers on The Kybalion, which is a hermetic book first published in 1908, and holds the sacred secrets of manifestation. Hermetic teachings come from ancient Egypt and Greece.
I would like to take the time to introduce each of the different teachings from this book, however, I am going to start with the very last principle, first. I am doing this because this is one of the two that impacted me most, during this class; it is known as the Seventh Sacred Principle – Gender.
The principle Gender states that everything in our Universe consists of both male and female energy. Male energy is known as positive, while female energy is known as negative. This does not mean in the usual, “good,” and “bad,” way, but it means in the way that energy flows. The Kybalion even takes it a step further, by calling the male energy one’s “I,” and one’s female energy, “Me.” Thus meaning, the male energy inside you, or your I, is the part of you that takes action towards your goals and dreams. Your Me, or the female energy in you, is the part of you that feels emotions, and holds your dreams and desires. Therefore, you need both male and female energies in order to accomplish the things you want to, and create the life you want to create.

The Inner Marriage

So let us take a closer look at the two different energies. Male energy is known to always be ready for action. Female energy is the source that provides the ideas so that action can be taken. Female energy does not take action on its own. Doreen Virtue stated that this is because the Me energy is insecure. Me needs I, to move its creations forward. It is also important to note that Me is receptive, and I is the sender.
That being said, have you experienced times in your life that you can look back on and see that one of these energies was stronger than the other? Have you felt like you had ideas, but couldn’t carry them through? Or have you felt ready for action, but unsure which direction to take, or what to create?
It is important to find balance between these two energies within yourself. If one is too dominant, you may find that you are not seeing the results you want to see in your life. The best way to balance these two energies, is to focus on your ability to give and receive.
Now recall, that receiving is a feminine principle, and giving is male. You must practice giving, so that you may receive. The more you give, the more you can receive. This relates to all things in life. If you strive to live in abundance, start practicing this ritual. Give to others from the kindness in your heart. In everything you do, do it from a place of love. When you give in such a way, you are making room for yourself to receive the things you desire. This is the perfect balance of your Inner Marriage.
As you can balance your I and Me energies, and attract more of what you want, by giving with no strings attached, the world around you will become more balanced and more peaceful, as well. The energy in which you vibrate, will be the energy that you attract.
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Ways to Connect with both I & Me

So we know that the best way to balance these energies is to practice giving and receiving. But sometimes we don’t feel quite ready for that yet, am I right? First you have to activate each energy inside of you, so that you can begin creating and taking action steps.
To activate your female energy, I suggest dancing, singing, doing yoga, or doing some type of artistic project. Art is really a great way to get creative juices flowing. Even if you are just doodling or coloring in a coloring book, this can help to activate your Me energy.
A good way to activate your male energy, is to exercise, practice assertiveness, and research topics and hobbies that interest you.
You can also try meditation to activate both energies. Begin your meditation with the intent of activating or balancing the I and Me. Perhaps you could focus on a tarot card, or place a masculine or feminine crystal beside you, to aid your exercise.

Creation & Action

Take time to balance these energies. Meditate, and think about what you want to create in your life. Ponder ways that you can begin giving and receiving. Let go of the old, to make room for the new. Remember to act from (and treat yourself with) love throughout each of these practices. As you begin to allow these innate energies to flow through you, things you have always dreamed of will begin manifesting for you, and your life will begin to change. Don’t be afraid to take the journey.

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