Monday Mantra: 6/12/17

Good morning and happy Monday, to you, my friends! I am quite tired today. I had a long weekend and I am not ready to my normal schedule to start again. Meanwhile, I have been feeling different energies this month. Have you? Things are happening and changing and expanding. So for today’s Monday Mantra, let us remember to live in the moment…
Adobe Spark (61)
When we choose to see the magic in each moment, that is when we feel most alive. Staying present helps us to see these magic moments much easier, and it also helps us to appreciate them more.
Invite magic into your life today, and be open to receiving all the great possibilities and magic moments waiting for you. Life is all about choices, so choose the things that will benefit your highest good. Stay present, stay calm, and enjoy all the magic that naturally surrounds you. We are all the creators of our lives, and we are all Divine Sparks of Light. Don’t dim your innate abilities!
Have a wonderful week,
Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s Card Reading, as well. I’m still getting used to filming and need to figure out editing, but the message might still help you. 😉

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