Intuitives & Anxiety: How to Interpret Messages vs. Fear

Intuition & Anxiety – A lifetime of experience

Intuition and anxiety are two things that I have dealt with all of my life. I can recall countless occasions where I received intuitive messages, either from guides/angels, my higher self, or even other people. I can also recall numerous times where I have suffered from major panic attacks (i.e. dry heaving, migraines, ball in the pit of my stomach, crying, etc.)
Only over the past few years of my life, have I been able to recognize what is my intuition and what is fear. Sometimes, when I am picking up on something, I do get anxious, depending on the context of the message, or what emotions it evokes for me. Other times, I get anxious because of fear-based thoughts that I am thinking, which then scare me into thinking I am receiving an intuitive message.
Let me first point out that whatever you are feeling is true. Now you’re thinking, “Wait, what? How can everything I feel be true, when you are saying there is a difference between real intuitive messages and fear?” Well, I am here to tell you there is a difference. But at the same time, everything you are feeling is true. This is because we are the creators of our own reality. Everything we think, is true.
I am going to start by using the example of body image. If you are constantly reaffirming to yourself that you are ugly, overweight, too pale, etc. then those are the exact results that you will be seeing. Meanwhile, if you are affirming that you are perfect the way you are, then you will see the beauty in the flaws you think you have.
The same principle goes for our other thoughts, as well. If you spend time thinking about a certain scenario taking place – a lot – then a similar scenario will take place, whether positive or negative. This is why the line between intuition and fear-based thoughts is so thin. I have had times in my life where something has happened, and I have asked myself: Did I know this was going to happen, or did I make it happen by thinking about it too much? 
And that is why I write to you, today. I have noticed the subtle differences between what is my intuition, and what is me being fearful. I have also learned how to master my thoughts, and change them to match the vibration that I want. I’m not saying I never worry, and I am definitely not saying I never fear anything. But what I am saying is that there are ways to decipher what is intuition and what is not. And there are ways to change your thinking when you are getting too fearful.

Intuition vs. Fear

Now, intuitive messages come from angels, guides, Spirit, and our higher selves. All of these beings, are beings of light, even ourselves. What is light? Light is love. So when you receive an intuitive message, this is basically an act of love. Fear on the other hand, comes from a place of worry. This is probably the best way to tell the difference between real intuitive messages, and fear. Intuition is love, fear is worry.
I have also found that when I am scaring myself, and worrying too much, my thoughts tend to keep getting further and further out there. This means that my fear creates a chain reaction, leading to more fearful thoughts. Intuition, tends to be more clear and straightforward. When I receive an intuitive message, it is solid. I know that what I am receiving is the truth, and that is the end of it. With fearful thoughts, it tends to keep going, until I am completely anxious and breaking down.
I think one of the reasons fear takes such a toll on the mind, body, and spirit, is because it is incorrect. When I am on a path that I should not be taking, physically, my body lets me know. So, when I am on a path of fear in my head, wouldn’t you naturally think that my body would also let me know? Intuitive messages feel right. There is a clear difference between the two for me. You just have to pay attention to how your body and intuition speaks with you.
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Discussion Questions

  1. What do you notice about your intuition? What about the way fear feels to you?
  2. Is there anything you would add to my list?
  3. How do your body and intuition communicate with you?

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