Monday Mantra: 6/19/17

 It’s that time once again, kiddos.

Good morning and the happiest of Mondays, to you, my friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and Father’s Day, if you celebrated. Now we’re back to the norm, eh?
Today, I have two new classes beginning at SWIHA, one about intuition and one about prayer and meditation. These are in addition to a longer, life coaching course. I am so, so, so excited to begin my intuitive guidance courses. As you know, I feel comfortable and confident with my intuitive abilities, but there is always room for improvement.
Also, if you haven’t already, please take a look at my update post from yesterday. I will no longer be posting weekly card readings on Modern Mystic Musings, but you will be able to find them on my linked Instagram and Twitter accounts. Instead, I will be posting a longer, monthly card reading on here, at the beginning of each month. Also, also, please head over to the homepage of my site, if you would like to subscribe to my new monthly newsletter. 🙂

The Mantra.

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Something to practice this week (and every day of your life) is clear communication. It is important to always let others know exactly what you mean, and exactly what you are feeling. Don’t be afraid to let others know what you need from them. That is a sign of self-love, and nothing else. But also always be considerate of others, and their feelings, too.
Don’t keep feelings and emotions bottled up inside, either. It is so much healthier to let it all out. I have found that if I have a stressful day, as soon as I talk about it, the stress I was feeling starts to fade away and I am able to enjoy the rest of my evening. The same goes for other emotions, as well.
Come from a place of love, even when thinking freely in your mind. Don’t talk yourself down or belittle your worth. Remember to be gentle with yourselves, and treat others with that same kindness, respect, and love.
Have a blessed week!
With love & light,

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