Feeling Whole ( + what that entails)

What is wholeness?

Through my studies at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, I learned that wholeness consists mainly of four different things. These include how you feel: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In one of my courses, we were given a tool for life coaching, in which the client was supposed to rate where they stand in the present moment with each of these things. They were to be rated on a scale from one to ten, ten being the best, and then they can choose which one they wanted to spend the session working on, with the coach.
Looking at these four things, I can see why they were chosen. Just about anything you deal with in life will fall into one of these categories. So now the question is, how can you balance these things so that you are feeling good most of the time? What will it take for you to get these areas where you want them to be? Read on.

The four parts of wholeness.

Feeling whole seems like it should be easy, right? But sometimes life keeps moving and we aren’t sure how to go with it. Or maybe we tend to put ourselves on the back-burner, thus creating an imbalance. Each one of the four categories that make us whole, depend on each other. If you are not feeling good about where you stand physically, then how can you feel good spiritually?
It may take some work to get where you want to go. But this is with anything, am I right? It is important to remember that we each walk our own unique path. Don’t let yourself get intimidated by others who seem to be “more put together.” And vice versa. Don’t gloat as you start seeing improvements in your life. Both will only slow your process, anyway.
As you are reading this article, take a moment to think about where you stand on the wholeness spectrum. It may even be a good idea to write down each category and rate them for yourself. Think about why you rate each one the way you do. Start brainstorming what you would need to do to get yourself higher on each rating.

Physical Wholeness.

When I think about feeling physically whole, a lot of different things come to mind. I think of diet and exercise. I think of what I put into my body. I even think about my connection to the Earth. It is important that we are always mindful of the food we eat, as it is our main source of energy. Eating foods that are heavily processed, will keep you bogged down. Try to eat more raw fruits and vegetables. Shop at health food stores, and try to pick items that are non-GMO.
And what about connection to the Earth? Spend time in nature. Go stand barefoot in the grass. Hug a tree. It may sound silly, but grounding yourself here and now, is extremely important to your physical wellness. And it affects the other categories, as well.

Mental Wholeness.

Our thoughts are what create our lives. Whether negative or positive, we create our own realities. In life, it can be difficult to keep ourselves from worrying or stressing too much. We may get anxious, and then it’s all downhill from there. This is why it is so important to find time to clear our heads. One of the best ways to do this, is by getting enough sleep When we don’t get enough sleep, our brains don’t get the chance to process everything that took place in the day. And who hasn’t experienced the moodiness that comes with little sleep? I know that when I don’t get enough sleep, my whole day is thrown off. I’m usually able to muddle through it, but by nighttime, I can barely keep my eyes open. And the rest of my body is usually feeling pretty off, too.
Another great way to achieve mental wholeness is through meditation. An awesome thing about meditation is that there are countless ways to do it, plus it can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours! It’s your call, which is wonderful when we’re talking about your mind and body, eh?

Emotional Wholeness.

So are you starting to see what I mean when I say each of the four parts plays off the others? Without physical and mental wholeness, do you think your emotions will be balanced? Possibly, but I tend to think not. When we are feeling off physically and mentally, our emotions tend to go haywire, too. Every little thing that normally wouldn’t strike our attention, does.
Now, emotions are beautiful and they are STRONG teachers. Everything that you feel is showing you something about others, and is definitely showing you something about yourself. Everything you feel is true, and totally okay. But most of the time, we want to feel good as opposed to bad.
I find the best way to understand your emotions (and also yourself) is by spending time alone. You can talk to others forever and a day about each emotion you feel. You can listen to their words and advice, but you will only know what steps to take next, by looking within. Take time to journal, or simply think about all you are experiencing. This is how you will uncover what you feel in your heart of hearts. And this is how you will begin the healing process.

Spiritual Wholeness.

Spiritual wholeness, to me, represents my intuitive abilities, and my connection to angels and Source. For example, when I feel whole within the first three categories, I notice my intuition is stronger. And when my intuition is strong, I’m having a fun, happy day, no matter what (my intuition is important to me, can you tell?).
To achieve spiritual wholeness, you must recognize your worth. What’s a good way to do this? Do the work in the first three categories. When we can feel good about ourselves, our bodies, our thoughts, and our emotions, it is easier to vibrate at a higher frequency. Living in a higher vibration automatically brings you closer to angels, spirit guides, and of course, Source. You are a Divine being of light. Don’t forget that.

Discussion Questions.

  1. Which category do you feel you need the most work in?
  2. Which category do you feel pretty whole in?
  3. How can you get the others to rate higher, and make yourself feel more balanced?

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