Monday Mantra: 6/26/2017

Monday, Monday…

Good morning and welcome to another dose of the Monday Mantra. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for the week to begin again. This week on Modern Mystic Musings, take a look out for my monthly card reading and energy update for the month of July. That will be posted on Saturday, July 1st.
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I am so excited to have finally launched these tanks, and I can’t wait to get mine in the mail!
Okay, so shall we Monday Mantra?

Today’s Mantra…

Adobe Spark (70).jpg
Think of love’s energy as an infinity symbol. Love is infinite, isn’t it? Think about the symbol and see the way it flows. Now think of love flowing in the same way.
When we give love to others (and ourselves), it becomes easier for the energy to continue flowing through us, onto others, and back to us. We must strive to balance our intake of receiving and our output of giving. There is a balance that must be achieved so that we are not feeling depleted, and so that others are not feeling neglected.
Today, keep this mantra in mind, as you communicate with all those who cross your path. Recognize that your soul, your spirit, is one with the Divine Spirit, as are every body else’s. Be a vessel for love, and let it infinitely flow.
With love & light,

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