Energy of July, 2017 Card Reading

Energy of 7

Seven is a number that relates to spirituality. Seven is usually considered a very lucky number, and indeed it is. It symbolizes our spiritual and life paths. It shows us the importance of looking within ourselves when there is a decision or answer we are seeking. We can connect with our intuition and Higher Selves to make the decisions that will serve our highest good. This July, be ready to go within, in order to accomplish your goals.

The Spread

I chose to perform this month’s reading with my Tarot of the Spirit deck from Pamela and Joyce Eakins. I decided to go with a traditional, Celtic Cross spread, so that I’d be able to get a really good look at all of the energies surrounding us this month.

Where we are.

So, this month, we are starting out in a very good place, with the Earth Father card. Everything that we have been working on this entire year is starting to come to fruition. We areย prosperous, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Relationships with ourselves, others, money, and our dreams have been deepening. We are seeing all that we have worked for begin to manifest.

The immediate influence.

The card crossing us is One of Fire – Force. A huge defining part of our success, comes from blocks we may or may not have. I know that I have been dealing with blocks lately. I am beginning to feel them starting to fade away, and I feel that is why I am starting to see more abundance in my life. This month, look within to find where you are blocking yourself. Find these blockages, and do the work to remove them. You can call on the Angels or Spirit to help you do this. You can also call on spirit animals or other ascended masters, as well. Do what you need to, to see where you have been holding yourself back. Once you do this, the rest of the month will be smooth sailing.

The foundation.

Our foundation is built upon hard work, and is represented by The Ten of Earth – The Great Work. We have been learning how to love ourselves, how to manifest, how to build our connection to Spirit and to others. Now it is time for us to learn from ourselves. What lessons have we learned this year? How can we apply them in our futures? Think about how you want to spend the rest of the year. What else do you want to create or accomplish?

Past influences.

The card in our past is Three of Water – Stream of Love. In our pasts, we have found love. Love for life, love for ourselves, love for creation. Creation is love, and love is creation. We are feeling the influence of love and its creations as we continue along our paths. We are growing from a place of love. This is an excellent influence to have backing us.


Crowning us is Nine of Earth – The Zenith. In our minds, we are starting to recognize just how much progress we have made. It is important now to praise ourselves, as this One Year has had a very powerful start. We are just about to hit the climax of this year. I feel this in my soul, and the cards are confirming it for me. Make note of how wonderful you have been doing. Live in love, live in your soul. Don’t let your ego take over and hold you back now.

What’s ahead?

Ahead of us, One of Wind – Dawn, is a time of new ideas, new births, a new dawn. Open yourself up to the messages coming to you from your guides, and Spirit. Make time to meditate, and pay attention to your dreams. Where you are meant to go next in life, will come to you this month. Thus is the energy of the 7.

The self.

Our selves are represented by the High Priestess, in this reading. This means that once again, all answers we seek are inside ourselves. We must hold our faith, connect with Spirit, and not be afraid of our innate powers. Welcome your intuition, especially if you have left it dormant for a while. Reconnect with it. You shall find what you seek.

Energy around us.

The energy around us is represented by Seven of Earth – The Garden. This month, there will be many choices around us. When we look at a garden, we see many beautiful flowers, plants, fruits, and vegetables. All are magnificent, and are calling out to us. This is how the choices around us will appear this month. All seem absolutely lovely. But we must choose the ones that are in best alignment with our goals, and our true selves. A flower will not suffice, if one is hungry.


This month, our fears and/or our wants are symbolized by the Death card. This means that we either fear or long for a new beginning. In Tarot, Death rarely means literal death of the body. Instead, it means ridding ourselves of the old, so that we may be reborn. Is there something you want to let go of, but were previously scared to let go of? Do not be afraid to let something, someone, or even a part of yourself go. By doing so, you are only making room for the new.

The Outcome.

July wraps itself up with the Temperance card. During this month, if we are able to listen to our intuition, let go of things we no longer need, and trust our new ideas will work out, we will reach a place of balance. We will be in a period of deepening our spirituality even further, and this will help guide us through the rest of the year.
angel wings


I feel very good energy coming to us this month. I had a pretty good feeling on the vibes, before I did the Tarot reading, and was actually surprised by how closely the cards matched up with what I was feeling! Expect great things this month. Things are changing this year, and we are really blossoming into who we are meant to be. Let your inner Divine Light shine, and TRUST yourself. I feel only good things coming, this month. If you believe it will be a great month, with me, it definitely will be.
If you are feeling blockages, fear, or resistance to change, please be gentle with yourself. But remember that if you want to start living your best life, you must go with the flow of life. Wonderful and beautiful things are taking place all around us, and you are safe. Feel your emotions, and spend time with them. But remember to let go of what is no longer serving your highest good.

Journal Questions

  1. What would you like to accomplish this month?
  2. How can you deepen your spirituality and enhance your intuition?
  3. What can you let go of this month?

Have a blessed month, my loves!
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