Monday Mantra: 7/10/17

Time heals all wounds…

Good morning, and Happy Monday to you all! This week was full of ups and downs for me. I got some wonderful news regarding advancements in my blogging career, and I found out I will be getting a new apartment!
On the other hand, I found out a very dear friend of mine passed away in the early morning, on the 4th of July.
I have been grieving and absolutely heartbroken since hearing this news, and that is why Modern Mystic Musings has been rather empty, lately.
So I am going to try to get back in the swing of things, and it starts with today’s Monday Mantra:
Adobe Spark (3)
It was very interesting dealing with sadness and grief, this week. I am a very positive person, so it is almost difficult for me to say last week was a “bad week.” I will admit that the day I got the news about my friend was absolutely awful. But, the other news of the week was not so bad. I am still very upset and feel I will be for a long time.
However, it is important to note in times like these, that time will heal all. We must allow ourselves the time we need to be upset, to grieve, to be angry, and to cry. We must let these emotions out, so that they do not drag us down in the long run. We must find ways to let go of what we cannot control. And we must remember to always aim to look at the silver lining.
I feel blessed to have had my friend – his name is Eddie – in my life. I will never forget him, and I will always think of all the wisdom he shared with me. I know he has joined my team of Spirit Guides, and I am so thankful that his guidance will always be accessible to me.
I apologize if this post was on a sadder note. Please know that healing is available to all of us at all times. Call on your guides, call on the angels, and call on Spirit. We are all Divine Beings of Light. Let us never forget.
Have a blessed week,

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