In Times of Grief, Remember to Love Yourself…


About a week ago, I lost someone who was very dear to me. If you read this week’s Monday Mantra, then you would have seen me talk about this loss a little bit. I am feeling a lot better than this time last week, although I am still very sad. But the first few days after hearing the news were very difficult for me. Everything I had been doing and working for seemed unimportant. I didn’t feel motivated to keep working on blog posts, and promoting the reading sessions that I do. I didn’t even want to work on homework for my life coaching courses.

After receiving encouragement from family and friends that I am meant to do all this, scheduling a few sessions for this week, and receiving new blog followers, I am feeling way more confident. I want to take this moment to thank my new followers, and to thank my old ones, as well. I am enjoying the work that I do, and all of you are confirming my purpose to me!
Everyone in my life has been a great help to me during this time. I am incredibly grateful for all the support I have been receiving from my loved ones, my followers, my spirit guides, and the Universe. But I am also very happy that I have such a great relationship with myself.
Throughout the last week, I have been able to comfort myself, calm my anxieties, and even make myself laugh. With each mood I have felt, I have been able to accept them fully, and work through them. In times of grief, it is important to nurture oneself. Take care of your loved ones, but always make time for you, as well.
Allow yourself all the time you need to get to a place of peace. Allow yourself time for calm, and chaos. Remember that everything happens for a reason. Although it may be difficult to accept that someone is no longer here, know that they are always with us, and be willing to learn from the experience.
Love yourself and your life every day, and you will get through even the hardest of times.
With love & light,

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