The Key to Being Open to Receiving is…

What is ‘being open to receiving?’

This month, we have been focusing on manifestation, and how to see the fruits of our labor. Sometimes, it is easy to feel like we are not “good” at manifesting. Manifestation is something that comes from within. It is constructed of both our will to have what we desire, and the belief that we deserve what we desire.
Being open to receiving means that you know in your heart that you deserve all the good that the Universe has to offer you. It means that you allow the Universe to provide for you all the things that you need or want to successfully follow your life’s purpose. The trick to being open to receiving? Trust.

Where to begin…

Much like the man in the above image, or the Fool card in traditional tarot decks, it is important to jump into your journey, having full trust in the Universe. Know that it will catch you, guide you, and provide for you, as you find yourself, and dive full force into your Divine Life’s Plan.
So, how do you begin?
Trust, just like manifestation, begins within. Listen to your intuition, and let your heart lead the way. Don’t let fear stand in front of you. And don’t let failure frighten you, either. Instead, choose to allow good ideas to come to you. Try new things, and stick with the things you love. Know that you can try 50 million different things before you find the one thing you want to do with your life – – and even then, you’ll still be wanting more.

Watch as your life changes…

Once you have begun to trust yourself, and the process of life, things will start to come together for you. As long as you hold the belief that you deserve this good, and the things you want to manifest, the Universe will help you get there. Ask your angels and guides to help you along the way, as well. They will send you signs, resources, and the right people, to assist you with getting where you want to go.
And as always, with manifestation, remember to show gratitude to the Universe, angels, guides, and of course, Spirit. When you show gratitude for the things you have been blessed with, more of those things will come into your life.
This is a time of great change. Things are happening and shifting all around us. We must open ourselves up to receive the good that is coming to us. We must accept that that some things no longer serve our purpose, and we must trust that they will be replaced with the things that do.

Word of advice.

If you are unsure how to really open yourself up to receive, I have a few suggestions for you. Number one is always to meditate. Meditation is a great way to look within yourself, and find what is blocking you. You can also use visualization to remove blockages, and imagine what your life would be like if you move forward with your plans. Picture the things you want to manifest, and imagine yourself having these things in your life. This is how you will start to open yourself up to receiving, and build upon trusting the Universe, and your intuition.
Remind yourself every day that you have what it takes to build the life you want. You are a Divine Spark of Light, and you have nothing to fear. Go for it.
With Love & Light,

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