Monday Mantra: 7/24/17

Changing Monday Mindsets.

One of my friends was telling me how changing her mindset about Monday has shown an increase in the money her business is making, as well as transforming Monday into her favorite day.

This is the purpose of the Monday Mantra. We meet here, every Monday, and choose love, happiness, and peace, over worry, fear, anger, and anxiety. Let’s test my friend’s hypothesis…let’s change our Monday Mindsets.

The Mantra.

Adobe Spark (7)

Last night, I was actually having a hard time sleeping, because I awoke around 3 am, and could not stop worrying about the things that will be taking place this week, and in the next couple months in my life. We have a move coming up, we may be taking in two cats (and I already have one who doesn’t like sharing attention and lovings), I have three classes ending, and three classes starting this week, plus there are other things regarding finances that I need to take care of.

This morning I awoke feeling a little anxious, and unhappy. I love my life, and I am a very positive person. So feeling off, makes me feel really off. I decided to put on some Chinese folk music, and smudge with sage (sage is truly a godsend!). I am feeling a little better after that. But I decided to use my feelings as a way to connect with all of you on this fine Monday.

Today, let us try to acknowledge, accept, and release any worries or fears that we are holding onto. Let us clear our minds, and let go of the cloudiness we are living in. There are so many things around us to be grateful for. Remember all the things I listed that I have been worrying about? Does any of that really sound that bad to you? No! Just writing and sharing my experiences with you has made me smile, and made me realize that all of those things should be celebrated, not feared. Keep this in mind today, and try to apply it to your worries.

Thank you my friends and followers, for taking this journey with me, and making me realize my own worth, and potential, through sharing words of wisdom with you.

Have a great week!



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