August, 2017: Energy Update

8 month, 1 year.

Wow, it’s already August, my friends! I feel as if time has been flying by this entire year. It must be because I am having fun…

Thank you to all my new followers, and welcome to Modern Mystic Musings! Thank you to my veteran followers, as well. Your continued support means the world to me. 🙂

So, as you have most likely read on my blog, or heard somewhere else, this year is a One Year. That means that things in our lives, and in the lives of those around us, have been changing a lot this year. One Years are basically the foundation that we create for ourselves, for the next 9 years. We live in 9 year cycles.

Have you noticed this energy around you all year? I certainly have! I have started many new projects, and my personal life has changed a lot, too. And every time a loved one of mine tells me about some crazy thing that happened to them and changed their lives, I kind of shrug and say, “It’s a One Year.”

I have constantly been reminding myself to be gentle with myself as the year goes on, and we keep seeing changes. And now I want to say the same to you: Be gentle with yourself! 

This month, you will start to see major manifestation of the things you have been working towards all year. This energy was kick-started in July, and is getting even stronger, now. This is because the number 8 vibrates in a productive energy. The energy is infinite, and things will seem to happen with an easy flow. 8 also symbolizes the phrase, “As above, so below.” What we desire, is coming to us on the physical planes. What heaven and the Divine want to help us create, is happening before our eyes.

Adobe Spark (10)

This month, remember to keep your thoughts positive, and aligned with your inner knowing of what is best for you. If you get worried or anxious, take a moment to place your hand over your heart, and take a deep breath. Ease into the belief that everything happens for a reason. Your higher self, and the Divine will not lead you in the wrong direction. Know that you are safe, with anything that happens as the year begins to wrap up.

As far as dealing with anxiety goes, I have been doing this for many years. I am finally at a place where I can say my anxiety is not bad anymore. I have learned how to combat these feelings/energies, and I want to help you do the same. Not only do I want to help, but I also want you to see that change is good. It leads you to your rightful place in the world.

My go-to for combating anxiety is first and foremost, peppermint or chamomile tea. I have also found that expressing my troubles to a loved one, or writing them in a journal, really helps. Journals are great because you can really get to the bottom of what you’re feeling and why, since you won’t be worried about what a listening ear is thinking.

Read: How Peppermint Tea Healed My Life

Another thing that I really love to do when I am anxious, stressed, or just have a lot on my mind, is coloring. So I am super excited to share with you, that Hay House is having a sale on ALL of their adult coloring books. If you don’t know, Hay House is an amazing company, filled with authors who have influenced my spiritual teachings, such as, Louise Hay and Doreen Virtue.

From August 2 (today) – August 6, they are having a flash sale, buy one, get one free, on their coloring books. Plus, free shipping on orders over $20!

If you are interested in ordering, click here.

All in all, this month is going to be full of intense energy. We have a solar eclipse happening on the 21st, and I know that will be an interesting and magical day for all of us. We also will be seeing lots of things changing and manifesting.

I plan to have my August card reading posted by this weekend. When that’s done, we will know more about what else to expect this month.

For now, focus your thoughts, love yourself, and vibrate high. I love you!

With love & light,


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