9 Angels to Invoke for Romance

Romance is always in the air…

Love is always all around us. We have our families and friends. We have our pets. We have our spirit guides, the Universe, and Source, providing us with enough support and love to accomplish anything we set our minds to. But above all else, we have our partners, our other halves. We have our soulmates, and twin flames.

Love is the most powerful force in our Universe. It is what has guided me to follow this path, and it is what has guided me to write this post. Today, we turn our attention to a very sacred type of love: romantic love.

Romance & Spirituality

In my opinion, romance and sexuality play a huge role in one’s spirituality. Allowing ourselves the pleasures of human connection, between both body, and soul, is vital to living a true human life. We are all Divine Sparks of light, here on Earth. Being intimate with another person only bring us closer to Source, and lets our spirits develop. Experiencing romantic relationships allows our spirits to evolve, and truly connect with our bodies, as well as other people. With our soulmates, or in some cases, twin flames, we are learning how to love ourselves, love others, and how to live in love.

Our angels are always with us, guiding us and supporting us in whatever ways they can. They want to help us in all areas of life, and are especially happy to guide us with matters of the heart. Here is a list of nine angels to call on to find new love, heal after a separation, and deepen the bonds of current unions:

1. Archangel Chamuel. Archangel Chamuel is known as the “love angel.” He teaches us that we must love ourselves, in order to experience the type of romantic partnership we have always dreamed of. Call on him to help you love yourself more, and to help you find a soulmate.

2. Archangel Haniel. In one of the books that I am using as a reference for this post, The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels: A Guide to 200 Celestial Beings to Help, Heal, and Assist You in Everyday Life, Haniel is described to help you, “create an outrageous love life.” Or at least, that’s how author, Susan Gregg put it. Call on Haniel to help you find the passion you seek in a new relationship, or rekindle the flame of a current or past one.

3. Miniel. Call on angel Miniel when you want to strengthen your companionship with your partner. He can also help you experience deeper love, and stronger romance.

4. Gadiel. If you have been feeling like your partnership is not as strong as it once was, or you want to create better communication with your partner, call upon angel Gadiel. He can help you repair any damage that has been done to your relationship.

5. Muriel. As mentioned above, in order to truly love another, you must first love yourself. Call on angel Muriel to help you open your heart up to love, truly love yourself, and receive/give love to another person.

6. Theliel. If you feel like you have been waiting for that certain someone for a long time, call on angel Theliel. He will help you on your way to finding your true love. Remember that if you call on Theliel for his help, be open to receiving his messages, and follow each intuitive sense that you get. This how you will be guided to your soulmate.

7. Gazardiel. If you have recently separated from a romantic partner, call upon angel Gazardiel. He will help you to heal, and guide you to a new, healthy, relationship.

8. Domiel. Angel Domiel may be another one you want to call on, as you are working with angel Gazardiel. Domiel can help heal a broken heart, and remind you how to love yourself again.

9. Hadraniel. And last, but not least, angel Hadraniel can help you to bring fiery passion into your sex life. Call on Hadraniel if you hit a dry spell in your current relationship, or if you want to light the fire to a new one. He can help you add some variety and spice to other areas of your relationship, too.

Adobe Spark (11)

Keep in mind that the angels are always ready to help you, but they cannot help you with any situation until you ask them. Always approach them humbly, and from a place of love. And don’t forget to show your gratitude! Follow their guidance, and you will start to see the results you want for your love life. Always love yourself, and be gentle with yourself!

With love & light,


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