Card Reading: August, 2017

The Energy of August.

A few days ago, I posted a quick bit on the energy of August, and what to expect this month. Today, I am adding to that information with an oracle card reading. In my post from the other day, I spoke of how this is an 8 month, and we should be seeing things we have been working towards all year really start to manifest. The card reading for this month goes deeper into what we can do to help this manifestation.

The Spread.


For this reading, I chose to use the Earth Magic Oracle Cards from Steven D. Farmer, of Hay House. This is a beautiful deck that I had my eye on for a while! I was lucky enough to find a brand new one at a local used bookstore, and I was so stoked! My energy blended with the deck, immediately. So I thought it was appropriate to use it for this month’s card reading.


(from right to left)

Card 1 – Fire – Passion:

This card represents the passion that sits within each of our solar plexus chakras. This is where we feel our joy, and where our creativity comes from. Take time this month to tap into this center of your divine body. Find the things that bring you joy, and make you feel fiery passion burning within. This is what you shall create this month. This is what you have been brewing the entire year.

Card 2 – Fairies – Earth Magic:

This card is a message from the Earth Beings of Light, who protect our environment; plants, animals, and Earth. The Fairies are willing to help you manifest that which you desire, but you must show your love of the Earth. Spend some time in nature this month, if you are able to. Connect with Mother Earth, and with the Fairies. Open yourself up to the infinite wisdom that both have to offer. Care for the Earth, and the Fairies will help you on your journey.

Card 3 – Eagle – Communion:

This card represents our need to join forces with the Animal Kingdom, Earth, and our fellow human beings. At this time, open up communication, and clearly state your intents. This is how you will see your hard work start to pay off. Keep your thoughts focused on what will serve your highest good. There is nothing you cannot accomplish, now. That is the energy of the 8.

In Conclusion…

This month is going to be one of intense growth and change. We are currently in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury will be going retrograde on the 13th, and I believe it goes direct in early September. Expect delays in new projects, but expect projects that have already begun to flourish. Remember to truly focus on your communication skills this month. Mercury Retrograde has the tendency to mess with communication. Keep your thoughts positive, and get plenty of rest.

We also have a solar eclipse happening on August 21st. I believe energy will be very strong that day, and I have a feeling that we all will be receiving messages we have been waiting for. Connect with Earth to keep yourself grounded, and connect with your spirit so that you may receive the messages guided to you. Stay calm, and focus on the things you want to manifest. Believe that you deserve them, and they will come to you.

Have a wonderful month, my darlings.

With love & light,


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