New Special!

Hello, friends!

Recently, I have been seeing lots of you posting about things you may want some clarity on, and I have also been seeing lots of hits on my Earth Angel posts. So, I’ve decided to propose a new service, or rather a combination of services. Yay!

Now, you can get your choice of a card or Earth Angel Realms Reading, combined with a life coaching session, for $35/hr.

Adobe Spark (13).jpg

I have decided to do this because with the last few clients I met with, I discovered it is much easier to life coach with a tool, and it is much better giving a reading with life coaching elements. So, here we are, with our new and improved session prices!

If you are interested in scheduling, please send me an email at!

There have been a lot of changes this year, and new energy is coming to us in the next few months. I feel a lot of us are feeling stagnant, in preparation for this change. Receiving a reading/coaching session, will help you to decide which direction you want to go next, and it will help you uncover the answers you seek, that have been hidden inside you all along.

Make that next move!

With love & light,


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