10 Principles for a Divinely Guided Life (5 Minute Read)

What do you value?

Knowing what you value is a surefire way to create the life of your dreams. It is important that we make note of the things that matter to us, the things that make our lives pleasurable.
A few months back, for a class at SWIHA, I was asked to write a list of principles that were Spirit-directed, and in alignment with my own beliefs. I came across this list tonight, and felt guided to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy, and I hope it resonates with you.

The Principles.

  1. Let the love and wisdom from Source guide you through your days.
  2. I am one with the universe.
  3. I will show respect and love to Source, and Source will show me that same respect and love.
  4. Make time to connect and deepen your bond with Source.
  5. Be with your parents, and family. Recognize the importance of those bonds, and the unconditional love which lies there.
  6. I will show love and respect to all living beings, including my fellow humans, animals, and plants.
  7. I hold my values dear to me within all of my relationships.
  8. I find positive ways to balance my giving and receiving processes.
  9. I do not see others with judging eyes, as I know no one walks the same path as me.
  10. I choose to live my life in love and light.

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What do you think?

Are there any principles you would add or remove from my list? Which of these stood out to you the most? How can you incorporate these types of principles into your life? What would your list look like?
Let me know in the comments below, or on social media!
And as always, remember you are a Divine Spark of Light.
With love and light,

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