Everyone is a Teacher

Personal Reflection.

A few weeks ago, I posted about how we can project ourselves onto others…meaning that we have the tendency to judge others based on our own insecurities.
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But over the past week, I have really taken notice of how people in our lives are here to teach us a lesson. Now, this is something that my mom has told me since I can remember. I can recall countless occasions where my mom told me that people I know today, may not be in my life in the future. She would then go on to say that everyone comes into our lives for a reason, and that once we learn our lesson from them, we will part ways. So, I have come to the conclusion that everyone is a teacher.
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Magnetism & Teachers.

Have you ever felt extremely drawn to a person? Perhaps you even get signs from Spirit, angels, or your guides, that you should try to connect with them. You have this overwhelming sense that you need to be in their life, and they need to be in yours. So you start picturing what pursuing a relationship with this person might be like. You start imagining a friendship, or romantic partnership. Then after lots of ups and downs, you realize this person is not good for you. And then you admit that you must part ways.
So, then you start to question the Universe, and the Divine. You question your intuition, and ask Spirit why they would send you this person, if they were only toxic to you. Why would they send you signs to pursue this person, only so that you could be hurt? This is where your faith and trust may be hindered. The answer is: don’t think about it.
The Universe, and the Divine, would never guide you in the wrong direction. And neither would your Higher Self (your intuition). No, no, no.
However, you will be guided to the people and situations that you need for your own soul’s growth and development. You will be guided to the lessons that you need to learn. Every single person that you come into contact with, is someone who can teach you something. Every person that is close to you, is someone that you have a soul contract with – this means that prior to your birth, your souls agreed to teach each other something that would benefit each other’s development. We all have these agreements with one another. That is why we are so magnetically drawn to certain people, places, or things. The things we are drawn to are meant to help us grow, even if they don’t work out the way we imagined.

Accept their role.

Sometimes, it can be hard to let go of ideas we had, that were important to us. But when we can recognize, and learn the lessons that are being presented to us, the process becomes a little easier. It is important that we learn to accept and appreciate the roles that others play for us, even if they weren’t what we had in mind. We must know our own worth, and love ourselves enough to know when we must move on.
Acknowledge, and be grateful for the lessons that you learn. Love the people and the souls who agreed to teach and learn alongside you. Be gentle with yourself, and never forget how powerful you truly are.
With love and light,

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