Card Reading: 8/13/17-8/19/17

Divinely Guided.

Good morning, my friends, and Happy Sunday to you! I know it has been a while since I have posted a weekly card reading, but today that all changes. For a while, I was getting overwhelmed about posting a weekly reading, but then I started to miss it. Then I woke up this morning with a nudge from my angels and guides, telling me to pick the weekly reading back up again. So, here we are!

I am excited to start sharing messages from Spirit with you all, again. I love being able to guide others, and help them heal. That is why I started this blog, and that is why I am enrolled at SWIHA. I hope you enjoy the reading, as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

For this week, I chose to use my Tarot of the Spirit deck, from Pamela and Joyce Eakins.

The Spread.


Card 1 – Wind Brother

Card 2 – Ten of Water, Fountain of Love

Card 3 – Three of Fire, Birth of Light


The energy of this month focuses on manifestation, and the creation of everything we have been working so hard for. This week, you are playing with two different ideas or paths that you would like to follow. Both seem very important to you, but only one is the right path for you.

Mercury is now in retrograde, and will not go direct until September 5th. So, if you are feeling unsure, if things from your past are returning, or if you are afraid of starting a new project, just relax. All of those things are perfectly normal during Mercury Retrograde. I advice you to not focus on starting any new projects during this time. During Mercury Retrograde, communication is whacky. It is not usually a good idea to start something brand new. However, it is a perfect time to pick up something that you once wanted to start, but never got around to.

That being said, focus your intent on love this week. When you work and live from a place of love, things make more sense, and you attract more of that which you want and need in your life. Allow yourself to vibrate higher, and take extra good care of yourself. This is how you will let love in, and let it flow freely through you.

Focus on the paths you have before you from love and light. Ease into yourself, and connect with your Spirit. Open yourself up to intuitive messages from your Higher Self, and guides. Let all that you create be of love. That is how you will know if you are going in the right direction.

Namaste, dear ones.


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