Mystic Human

Divine Soul, Human Body.

Something that I have been guided to talk about this summer, is our humanity. I have been seeing a number of people post about their distaste with spiritual people, or people who say they want to spread love, not hate.
I’m not here to devalue anyone’s experiences, or beliefs. What I want to do, is express that although we all are Divine Sparks of light, we are also human.

The Human Experience.

As souls, we choose life as humans so that we may continue to grow, and develop. Our souls come here to experience life as humans, to go through the ups-and-downs, the heartbreak, the joy, the love, and the loss. The more our souls can learn and experience, the more they evolve. As we continue to evolve, we get the ability to return to life as a human, so that we may teach others, and help others grow. We come back for specific reasons, and we will continue to reincarnate until all of our lessons have been concluded.

This is why it is important that you do not take anything personally. This is why you must always choose to follow your own path. This is why we should not judge.

Every person, every soul, has its own story to live. Each person you meet in life, is doing their own thing, and learning their own lessons. Don’t deny the lessons being taught to you, and don’t take away from anyone else’s. We are all divine light, and we are all, also human.
It is okay to want to spread love, and still get angry. It is okay to make mistakes. It is okay to want to stay home and talk to no one, and it is okay to want to go out and try everything.
With each day that passes, remember what and who you are. Connect with your spirit, and discover your soul’s divine purpose. Follow your intuition, and acknowledge the messages and lessons being given to you. You are here to learn, and teach. Live with no regrets, and be compassionate towards others.
With love & light,
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