Monday Mantra: 8/28/17

Monday, Monday…

Well, here we are. Another Monday Morning. I was feeling quite tired when I woke up this morning. Must have had crazy dreams or something…
The month of August is quickly wrapping up. I am getting keys to a new apartment tomorrow and I am very excited! I figured that since I am experiencing so many changes lately, that a lot of you would be, too.

“I gladly welcome fresh, new, energy into my life.”

So, today, think about the new energy that you would like to draw into yourself and/or your life. How do you want to close up the month of August and lay a good foundation for September?
Remember not to live in fear of new energy and changes. Think of them with positive thoughts, and manifest outcomes and experiences that will be beneficial to your highest good.
Make the most of your days, my friends.

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