What Happened to You?

What is it that you see

in your mind

Looking at the ocean

& the city’s skyline?


What is it that you think

behind those eyes

brown & looking dark

as night.


Is it them

or her

or me

Someone you don’t know

A place you’ve never been

or a day you’ve never seen

but surely a place you

long to be


Or are you right where you

want yourself

Is there nothing you’d change

Traveling in a band

playing music with your



Are you happy there

Even when the music ends


I think of moving &

think of family


Don’t you miss your grandparents

and parents

Don’t you wish you could sip tea

at grandmummy’s?


Don’t you miss French wine

& stars & curls of

the one you loved


Or the eyes of your



What else is there to do

on a Sunday afternoon?