Light-worker's Way

Tired in the afternoon
Post-early morning
Rise no sleep
To demise
What keeps you


at night
And when the
morning comes
I feel there’s been
more than just
a slaughter here
or that it’s
still happening
But the shift
has come
And most everyone
can feel her power
surging through
from the core
Out to the Universe


Once more
Those who unlocked
The gates are aware
and those less
in touch


can also surely
feel the heal
A marching band
of ants-flutes
Wind songs and


Merry mornings
and holidays
spreading words
to those less
And song comes
w/her sweet serenity
to remind us again
what we came here for
We don’t know why
or how it began
But we’re igniting
the light and
Draping warm energy-blankets
over cold-hearted balls

of light

that have been dimmed
over the years of Humanly plight
It’s over, now
The suffering is over


And the vibration
shall sing like spring
Earthly Renaissance.

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