Energy of September, 2017

September, the 9 month…

Hello everyone! Today is September 2nd, so we are going to take a closer look at what this month has in store for us. I have been feeling very interesting energies around me, and within myself. I know that most of my loved ones have also been feeling different.
We are still in Mercury Retrograde until September 5th, and we will be in its shadow for another two weeks after that. I feel this is playing a part in the energy we have all been feeling, and I also think the eclipse had something to do with it.
This month is a 9 month, which means we may start to see certain things coming to an end. 9 represents the end of a cycle, and this is a 1 year, which means many new things will be finding their way to us. Remember to keep your thoughts positive during this time. Accept the end of the old, and the beginning of the new. Know that any changes that occur are meant to serve your highest good.

The Cards…

1). Nine of Water, Rainbow Mirror – “You feel a strong sense of internal integrity and inner security.You enjoy strong self-esteem. You are peaceful with your inner joy. You have accepted yourself and that has given you new wisdom and harmony.”
2). Fire Father – “You are experiencing the sense of conviction. There is much movement; energy is surging. You feel the power of leadership. You are rapidly moving toward a new way of knowing — a new viewpoint or perspective; regulate your activity. Be careful not to burn yourself out in this high energy period.”
3). Four of Water, The Flood – “You are outgrowing a period of contentment. Things that were once good now seem stale. Things once new have grown old. Change is the only thing that remains stable. Do not be afraid to change and regain balance.”


In this reading, we have two water cards. Water represents the mind, intuition, dreams, visions, and emotions. This month, take the time to focus on those things, and really try to hone your innate gifts and abilities. These, mixed with the passionate, action-taking, fire card, will help you find your way in life.
Congratulate yourself on coming to a place of self-love, and acceptance. With this newfound power, you are truly unstoppable. Think about what your deepest desires are. Create vision boards, write them out, record your dreams. Open yourself up to the messages that are coming to you, and allow them to flow freely through you. If you are working with angels or spirit guides, be sure to ask them to help you receive their messages, and understand them.
Allow these energies to flow through you. Do not be afraid to go in a new direction. This is what self-love is all about: having the courage to create the life of your dreams.
I have faith in you, my friends.
With love and light,
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