What is Spiritual Fortification?

Let’s get spiritual.

In this day and age, a lot of us are beginning to raise our awareness or, “wake up.” We have been learning to open ourselves up to love, connect with others, and even love ourselves. So, how can we balance all of the things that are going on in the world around us, within our personal lives, and within our own minds and bodies?
By creating spiritual fortification, we create peace within ourselves. And when we create peace within ourselves, it becomes easier to create peace within other aspects of our lives. Spiritual fortification is like taking your spiritual beliefs to a whole other level. So, are you ready to begin?

What is Spiritual Fortification?

I define spiritual fortification as something that I need to do, in order to communicate from a place of love, with myself, the people around me, and my clients. It is basically a preparation or even a routine, that helps me to raise my vibration, live a healthy life, create boundaries, and be a strong, clear, vessel, for spirit to work through. I communicate with spirit to guide my life in the right directions, and to guide me and help me. I also use this connection to write my blog posts, and perform readings and sessions for my clients. But it is not me that is performing, it is spirit performing through me. I love the connection that I have built to the spirit world, using my intuition, and I love to see how the connection gets stronger, on a daily basis.
Building your connection to the spirit world (your spirit guides and angels), can help you in so many ways, I would never be able to list them, here. It is important that you know all of us are deserving of help from the angels and spirits. They are always willing to guide us, but we must continuously ask them, and invite them into our lives.
The best way to ensure that we can build this connection, is to improve our spiritual fortification. This means that we must strive to keep ourselves healthy, by eating good foods, exercising, meditating and/or doing yoga. We must keep our homes and personal space clean, physically and spiritually speaking. Create sacred space within your home, so that you have somewhere designated to your spirit, and to connect with the spirit world. Be sure to make time for yourself to listen to your intuition, and feed your spirit. Remember to set boundaries that feel right to you. This goes for both spirit communication, and communication with the people in your life. And don’t forget to energetically protect yourself from the vibes of others, every day.

So, why define spiritual fortification?

Defining and creating spiritual fortification in your life, can help you to create the life you want to live. Being connected to the spirit world, can help you to make the right decisions, and spirit can also present new opportunities to you. Creating spiritual fortification can help you to improve your personal and professional relationships, as well.
Once you can tap into your innate abilities, and create healthy boundaries in your life, you will start to see things changing all around you. When you operate from a heart space, and allow yourself to be divinely guided, you will see magic taking place right before your eyes. Welcome these experiences, and keep up your spiritual fortification every day. You will not be disappointed.
With love and light,
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