Monday Mantra: 9/11/17

Monday, Funday.

Good morning, all you beautiful people! Today’s Monday Mantra is, “It is easy for me to make time each day, to reflect, unwind, and connect with my spirit.”
As you might have read in one of my earlier posts from this month, I plan on focusing on connecting with our spirits and learning to use our intuition this month. It is important that we make time every day to connect with our spirit, by doing things that bring us joy. These things could be anything, from rest to painting, dancing, or singing. They can even be writing, spending time in nature, doing yoga, or watching a favorite movie.

What is something that you enjoy doing, and when was the last time you did something solely for the enjoyment of it?

Today, remind yourself that by affirming it is easy for you to find time to connect with your spirit, do things that bring you joy, reflect, and unwind. I know it can be difficult to get caught up in daily life, and so it feels like you don’t have time for yourself. Focus on redirecting the thought that you don’t have time, and instead affirm it is easy for you to find time for the things you love to do. This is a great way to connect with your spirit, and create spiritual fortification.
Have a blessed Monday, my friends.
With love & light,
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