Monday Mantra: 9/18/17

Know your worth.

Hello and happy Monday, all! This month, we have been talking about ways to enhance and deepen our connection with our spirits, our intuition, and our spirit guides. One of the most important parts in all of these things, is having love for the self.
When we are comfortable with who we are, and love ourselves, truly, it is easy for us to connect with our souls, and know who we are on the inside. And what have we been discussing this month? The more we connect with who we are, the more we can make our spirits happy, and when our spirits are happy, it is easiest for us to create the life of our dreams.  Whew!
Today, focus on loving yourself. Compliment you. Make time for you. Pamper YOU. What’s one way you can allow yourself to have fun and unwind today? What’s something you haven’t done for yourself in a while? Do that thing, today.
Remember to thank your body for all it does for you. Remember to thank your emotions for communicating what you are feeling for you. Remember to thank yourself for being who you are, and accomplishing all that you have done.
You are unique. You are beautiful. And you are loved.
Have a fabulous Monday!

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