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Similarity & Growth

Last night, as I was drifting into sleep, I was thinking about how crazy it is that life almost feels as if it has always been this way. I know it hasn’t been. I know it is always changing, and evolving, as I grow into the person I am meant to be, and create the life I am meant to live.
My partner was already asleep. We had put on Lady and the Tramp, on VHS, and I waited up to switch his laundry because he had to get up at 3:30 to make it to work for 4:30 am. I watched the movie and thought about what I am trying to accomplish with my blog, my school, and my career.
We just moved into a new apartment, and somehow everything seemed the same. Crosley, our cat, slept on the dresser. A movie was on, and we were laying on the same sides of the bed we always have. I love these moments.
I wondered how long things will be this way. Or will we always fall asleep to old VHS tapes, even as our careers and living situations change. I almost feel as if we will be sleeping to VHS’s until we are 90. And I definitely hope that we do.
Now, I am sitting on the couch with our other two cats, the ones we took in after our dear friend passed away in July. I live in Arizona, and it is getting cooler at night, and in the morning. It is amazing to me that it is almost October. I kind of feel like it shouldn’t be, yet. But I am so excited, because October is my favorite month. It’s always filled with good energy.

View from my morning coffee, today.

Above is one of the beautiful trees outside our new apartment. We love being surrounded by these trees and their beautiful flowers. I love the spirit of plants, and have a nice collection growing inside, too.
The point of this post, is to show gratitude for all that life has given me, this far. I am going to the school of my dreams, writing this blog, have a job that I enjoy as I work towards my goals. I have a wonderful family, I am in an amazing and loving relationship, and to top it all off, I have three cats. 😉
Take time today to think about all that you have, and all that you wish to create. Life is changing, though some things thankfully stay the same. Remember to love yourself, and those who share your journey with you, unconditionally. The Universe has provided us with yet another beautiful day, and you should only feel the same inside.
With love and light,

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