Pumpkin and Prayers, Please.

A mystical day.

Yesterday was a super fun day for me. Taylor, my partner, ended up not having to work, and that was the first Saturday in YEARS that he didn’t have to work. We are attending a wedding for one of his coworkers, next Friday, and we can be slackers sometimes, so we went out in search of wedding outfits yesterday. The wedding is Gatsby themed, so we went all over town searching for 1920’s-looking-formal clothes.
Naturally, we ended up in Goodwill, because who wouldn’t? We ended up buying like, five new VHS tapes, and part of his outfit, as well as a set of ADORABLE Christmas mugs. We hit up some other stores, like Ross and Target, where I found my dress, and hat. Then off to Starbucks for pumpkin spice dirty chai’s (which are to die for).

The chosen one. 🙂

Although we had an excellent time together, and it was so wonderful to have a date day after all the craziness of the last month, we were still feeling anxious. One of the cats we took in from our friend who passed in July, seems to be very sick. She tends to vomit, horribly, every few days. It seems to me, that her food is not digesting. I am very worried about her, and luckily got an appointment at our vet for later on this afternoon. As I type this, she is laying next to me on the couch, purring and rolling around.
She doesn’t act sick. But she must be, because why else wouldn’t she be able to keep food and water down? Taylor is very upset, because he got very close to her in the short time we have had her for. I’m worried about how she feels, and how the other cat, her mother, will be if we have to put her down. But, hopefully this is something medication can fix.
Sweet Sable.

So, as you can figure, this morning I am feeling kind of down. I am worried about money, this week. We spent a lot on this wedding, and who knows how much the bill for Sable will be? I tried to relax, by having breakfast on my balcony. The weather has been so beautiful, here in Arizona. It was only 76 degrees when I was having breakfast, and honestly that is kind of shocking. We don’t normally see cooler weather until AFTER Halloween. We have been pretty excited about the weather, as you can tell. 🙂
Breakfast on the Balcony.

Thank you to anyone who reads, and supports my blog. Writing is certainly one of my passions, and I am so glad that I have been blessed with such support from the Universe and lovely people. If you feel guided, please send prayers for Miss Sable. I don’t want my poor kitty to suffer.
And in the meantime, tomorrow I’ve got your Monday Mantra, and next weekend, keep an eye out for the October Card Reading, and Energy update.
Thanks so much, loves.

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    Morgan- i love your writing style- i am sending a little extra
    for your new apartment – hope you can use it! Love Grandma Crusty –

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