Monday Mantra: 9/25/17

You are powerful.

Good morning, and happy Monday, once again! Today, I want to remind you that you are powerful. Life may be unpredictable, people may be unpredictable, and even your own emotions can be unpredictable. But what can be predicted, is the way you will react to certain situations that you may find yourself in, in life.
It is always okay to feel the way you are feeling. You should never feel like your emotions are invalid. You should never push your emotions away, instead of accepting them. That being said, if you are upset about something, it is vital to your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, that you let negative emotions go.
If something has upset you, lately, that is normal. That is what being a human is. However, it is important that you find ways to balance your energy, and move yourself into a place of bliss. Or at least a place of comfort.
Things change. Life can be crazy. But you are in it, for life. Don’t waste your energy holding grudges. Don’t waste your energy by choosing negativity. Let that shit go. And always remember that you are powerful, and you are loved.
Affirm: In every situation, I have the power to choose my reaction.
Have a fabulous week!

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