Donut Day #1

Today, I went on an adventure all over town, with my boss, delivering Dunkin Donuts to ALL the local elementary schools.

We are an academic enrichment center, so this is a way that we kind of market and advertise. We did this a few years back, in August. We delivered boxes of candy that I put together, along with fliers and brochures. It was so hot though, because it was August in Arizona, so we haven’t made this venture since then.

It was so nice out this morning, I wore boots and a sweater the whole time we were out. We hit seven schools, are hitting twelve more tomorrow, and will be hitting five more on Friday.

I really enjoy days like today. My boss took me to lunch afterwards, and then we went to the center for our scheduled class.

I thought I would be much more tired than I am. And who knows, by Friday I might be. But my boss was making the point today that when you love what you do, you never feel like you worked twelve or fourteen hours in a day. I think she couldn’t be more right.

I’m glad that I made my way to this job, and have kept it for so many years. One of the most interesting things we saw today was honestly miserable people. Every person that we dropped off donuts to, seemed like they hated themselves and hated their lives. I hate to see this. I wish people could move out of their miserable mindsets. I know it’s hard for some, and I don’t want to sound like I am judging anyone, because I am most definitely not. I just wish people could find their happiness…

Tonight, one of our young students brought me in this flower:

It was way tinier than this picture makes it look. But still just as beautiful. It made me wonder what made her grab this flower to me. What makes a child go, “hey, I’m going to grab that and bring it to Miss Morgan?”

Simply makes my life.

I’m grateful for my job, the kids that light up my life, and everything else, really.

I hope you are having a fun time, too.