God is Humbling

Life Can Change in a Second.

For all of 2017, I have felt extremely blessed. I have had everything I could ever want this year (except a little more money for bill-paying would be useful). But everything else has been pretty perfect. I did lose a friend this year, and that was really hard. His death still makes me sad, but I know he lived a long, good life. He was 70 years old, and a wonderful shamanic teacher for me. We miss him a lot.
But on the other hand, I am in the school I dreamed of attending for years, I love my job, I have an adorable new apartment, I took in two new cats, I live with my loving boyfriend, and I am fulfilling a passion of mine, through blogging.
As I mentioned during this week’s Monday Mantra, something a bit negative and scary happened to me last week. And this instance, although not life threatening, has shown me the truth in the words:ย life changes in an instant.

Teachings of the God-Spirit.

Since my experience last week, I have really been seeing the ways of God/Spirit. God/Spirit is everywhere, in everything, and each one of us. Before we are born, and incarnated to this Earth, we work side-by-side with God, and map out our lives. We basically write out our life plan, deciding with whom we will have significant experiences, and what those experiences will be. Each of these interactions and experiences teach our souls a lesson. These lessons are vital for the growth, development, and ascension of our souls.
I know the experience I had last week was a lesson for me. It has opened my eyes up, and shown me to have gratitude every day. I always thought I was a very mindful person. I thought that I showed gratitude,ย  and I thought that I radiated love. I feel as if this experience has made meย re-awaken. It has shown me once again, my divine life purpose. It has made me aware of the presence of God-Spirit in my life.
I am still dealing with my negative experience from last week, and will be for a little while. All the people that enrich my life are praying for me, and I am praying along with them. I have already seen the power of prayer working in my favor, and for that I am eternally grateful.
The archangels, my guardian angels, my spirit guides and animals, the Universe, and Spirit have been protecting me and my energy, and helping to replace my fear with faith. I am confident that all will work out for the best, as I know my role in this life is to help others heal and guide them through their days, with the love of Spirit. I am a vessel for Spirit to work for, a bridge between worlds. I am thankful for my intuition, and my writing abilities. I am looking forward to graduating from SWIHA next August. I am so excited to really delve into life coaching, and really begin my business in intuitive guidance.
If you feel guided, please send some good energy or prayers my way. And please leave a comment if you would like me to do the same for you. We are all in this life together. You have found my blog for a reason, and I will know you for a reason as well. Let’s build a strong online, spiritual community.
Let me know if you have any questions!

Journal Ideas.

  1. How can you show some gratitude for all that you have today?
  2. How can you connect with God/Spirit, or the angels today?
  3. What are some significant events that took place in your life, which shaped who you are today, or how you view the world?

Have a blessed day, darlings.
With love and light,

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