Coloring for Manifestation

Meditative Focus.

Last night, was the October full moon. I have been feeling the need to recharge myself, and refocus my energy on positivity. I have always used coloring books as a way to calm my anxiety, and be able to go deep within myself to find the answers I seek. So, you could say that I use coloring as a form of meditation.
It appeared to me, last night, that I could make my own little ritual for positive visualization. There are things that I want to manifest in my life right now, and I was seriously craving a way to get the ball rolling.
My first step was to choose a coloring page from a book I have, calledย Sacred Angels,ย by Lydia Hess (my copy pictured above, yes I never peeled the tag off). Inside the book, there are images of angels, as well as mandalas. Most pages have a word or phrase to go along with them, such as “Blessing,” “Abundance,” “Love,” etc.

A page I colored, originally titled, “Blessing.”

I spent over an hour coloring by myself, last night. I was able to get into a deep meditative state. I know when I am more open to receiving guidance from Spirit, because I get a different feeling in my head, and eyesight. It almost feels and looks as if I am floating. Or at least, that is the best way I can describe it.
I colored in a clockwise fashion, having a conversation with my Higher Self, and guides. I sat just thinking about all that I want to manifest and the next steps I want to take in my life. I eventually came up with a phrase that I was repeating over and over again as I continued to color in a circle.
When my picture was finished, I sat outside, and held my hand over it.ย  I once again thought about all the things I wanted the picture to represent and manifest for me. I held one hand over the picture, and the other in the air. I let the energy of Spirit flow through me, as I solidified this manifestation.
The picture above is not the one I colored last night, although it was a mandala. I wanted to wait to share the one from last night, because it is still in the manifestation process for me. ๐Ÿ™‚
I am thinking of going to a new age shop this weekend, to get some more things to create an altar. I want to put my picture from last night there, with some candles and crystals, maybe some herbs. I feel this is something I need to do to manifest what I need right now.

What do you think?

I mainly wanted to share this idea with you because I had a lot of fun connecting with Spirit this way, and I feel so much better today than I did last night! Whether you use coloring for manifestation or simple meditation, I feel it can be highly beneficial to your spirit.
So, what do you think? Have you used coloring in a similar way? Would you consider using coloring as a tool for meditation or manifestation?
Have a blessed day, lovelies!
With love and light,

2 thoughts on “Coloring for Manifestation

  1. I love this! What a coincidence that for the full moon I was Mandala coloring as well! Also usually in a clockwork motion inside to outside. I agree 100% about it putting us in a meditative state that allows us to listen more intuitively to ourselves and our guides โ˜บ๏ธ I name each page in my book because it gives a little insight what was going through my mind as I colored them because each one usually takes on its own motif.

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