Monday Mantra: 10/9/17

Hello, Monday.

Man, it has been an interesting time for me, lately. I have had a lot going on in my personal life and my school career. Whenever I am feeling stressed, I turn to the Divine. Developing relationships with my guardian angel, and the archangels, as well as different deities and spirit guides has really helped me to get through life.
Whenever I am stressed, scared, or anxious, I call on Spirit and my amazing spirit team. I ask them to protect me, help me manifest outcomes I wish to see in my life, and to help me be strong and healthy during these weird times. Today, I am feeling extremely grateful for them. I am noticing how much calmer I am when I know they are with me. I feel so relaxed about my situation and what’s next for me, in life.

The Mantra: I am divinely guided and protected.

Today, remember that the Divine are always there for you, too. They can be called upon at any time, in pretty much any way. Invite them, and allow them to guide you and protect you. In a matter of time, any stress or worry you may have felt, will be dissolved. Remember to thank them for their services, and trust that everything will work out for your highest good. Repeat this mantra if you need a way to break the ice with your relationship to the Divine.

Journal Questions.

  1. How can you better connect with the Divine in your daily life?
  2. What would you like some divine guidance or protection from?
  3. Do you know the name of your guardian angel?

Have a blessed Monday!
With love and light,

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