Writing is Inviting

Living the dream.

Writing is so inviting to me in the late night hours, and early morning. It always has been, ever since I was a little kid.
I was the kid that would write multiple pages when the teacher would ask for a few paragraphs. I would write stories and draw pictures to go along, with my grandmother and my mother.
I was always coming up with story ideas, and I was always dreaming of sitting on a beautiful balcony or porch, in the fall, with a nice breeze, and coffee or tea – looking out at the world, and writing down what I see.
Yesterday, I had a conversation with one of my students at work. He said he was going to use the company phone to prank-call people. I said, “Don’t do that bud. You must be so bored.”
He said, “Yeah, life is boring.”
I kind of laughed at him, because I knew he would have a response such as that. He went on to say, “Try spending seven hours at a desk, knowing you are going to grow up to spend seven hours at a desk for the rest of your life.”
I said, “How old are you, aren’t you a little young to be thinking that way?”
He told me they had a career day at his school earlier that day, and that’s why this was fresh on his mind.
I asked, “Do you write stories?”
He said yes.
I said, “You should be a writer.”
We went back and forth for a moment. I told him that he had the ability to do something awesome with his life. I told him that if he did something with his writing, he would have a good time.
A few other kids came out from the classroom and I was asking them if they thought life was boring. One said no, and the other started listing things like new shoes and video games that made life exciting.
I was laughing at them. They are so cute.
Then I went back to the first boy. I said, “You draw, don’t you? And you read mangas?” He said yes. I told him to write mangas or comic books. I told him he could make cartoons. He didn’t seem very confident in his abilities, and I think that’s why he was brushing me off. But I could see that he was thinking about the possibilities, nonetheless.
He said, “What about you, do you write?”
I smiled and said, “Yes, actually I have a blog. And I would love to write a book.”
He asked, “Why don’t you?”
I told him that I have started many books over the years, but never finish them because I start to feel like they aren’t good.
Then he said to me, something that really blew me away.
Over last weekend, I had come up with an idea for a book, based off of a phrase that my mom always told me as a kid, and still reminds me of to this day.
My student told me I should write a book called –

And then he said the phrase my mom would always say.

My mouth dropped, in shock.
I said, “Wow, I can’t believe you just said that to me. I was literally just thinking about writing that the other day.”
He smiled, and came up with a plot line for me. I told him he should write it, since he came up with the plot line in two seconds. He laughed, and I told him about my ideas, which were obviously very different from his. But he nodded. He got it.
I started writing the book last night, after work. I like the words I wrote so far, but I am still needing more confidence and probably need to do more brainstorming.
I still can’t believe he repeated back to me the exact thing I was thinking of writing. I think an angel spoke through him. They say part of being clairaudient is to pick up on phrases, or things, you may hear other people say, or things they might say directly to you.
I’m thankful for the beautiful children in my life, who inspire me every day.

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