Life is Uncontrollable – So Do What You Want

Nothing matters, but everything.

Life is funny because you can’t control it. There are so many people you love now. There are so many people you loved before. There will be so many more people you love.

There will be endless opportunities for growth, expansion, creation, and connections.

And there will be a lot of heartbreak, stress, loss, and sadness.

And you can’t plan any of it. So nothing matters.

It is because nothing matters that we should go for the things we want to manifest.

We should never stop trying for the things we want, because those are the things that make life fun.

Enjoy the people you know while you have them. Don’t be afraid to reconnect. Tell everyone you love them. Squeeze your cat and tell her you love her. Hold your partner’s hand. Let your friends vent. Call your parents. Visit your grandparents.

It all ends.

We can only control ourselves. Do the best you can do.

With love and light,