Card of the Day: 10.21.17

There’s nothing to worry about – Giving and receiving.

As I was shuffling the cards this morning, I felt guided to pull two for today, and I am glad that I did, because they seem to go together very well.
In yesterday’s reading, Archangel Michael confirmed that what we are worrying about is going to end with a positive outcome that will serve our highest good. Today, our guardian angels are sharing the same message with us.
They want us to know that we do not need to worry, because the Divine has already resolved this situation for us. So, do not keep lowering your energy from a place of love and faith, to a vibration of fear and stress. Instead, trust that everything will work out in the best way possible, for you. Worrying only creates that which we do not desire. Find ways to think about this situation in more positive light.
A great way to help yourself manifest the outcome you desire, is by balancing your giving and receiving energies. You can do this by giving to others with kindness, compliments, time, and even physical gifts – without expecting anything in return. You can also accept the good things coming to you, without feeling guilty. This is how you will balance yourself, and this will aid in your manifestation process.
Carry an angelite crystal, like the one above to remind you that your guardian angel is always with you, and is ready for you to call on them whenever you need strength, support, love, guidance, or assistance.
If you feel like you need further guidance, keep in mind that I am available to do personal readings, as well. 🙂
With love and light,

(Deck used: Daily Guidance from Your Angels, by Doreen Virtue. Available to purchase through Amazon, by following the links below. 🙂 )

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