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Life coaching @ home.

Hello everyone! I recently finished my life coaching courses at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and I am so excited! I will be in school until next August, however, studying some other things. But my life coaching courses are finally completed. Yay!
So, I wanted to share with you all, a tool I made (based on a tool we used in school), called the Wheel of Balance.
The Wheel of Balance is a very popular tool among life coaches. It is very useful in breaking the ice with new clients, and it is a tool that you can always return to, with seasoned clients, because it helps to monitor the progress being made.

The Wheel of Balance Explained.

So, the Wheel of Balance is basically a pie chart. It has different sections, representing certain areas of your life. The one I created has four sections, while others sometimes have more. The sections are: Health (emotional, physical, mental), Career, Relationships, and Spirituality.
Each section is to be rated from 1-10, 10 being the best. You or your client then rates the section, then colors it in, with a colored pencil, marker, or crayon. This helps to connect with the certain area in your life, and it helps to read the chart easier, noting which sections are more balanced than the others.
As you, or your client, rate and color in each section, ask why each section is being rated the way it is. Use powerful questions with yourself or with your client. Speak in detail about why we feel the way we do about each section.
When the entire wheel is rated and colored in, decide which section you would like to focus the rest of your session on. If you are with a client, ask them where they would like to focus. If you are doing this exercise alone, choose where you would like to focus. I would suggest choosing the section that has the lowest rating. If they are all similar in rating, go purely from intuition. Which section calls to you or your client the most? Which do you or your client feel needs the most work?
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Download Free Here: The Wheel of Balance

Keep the wheel turning.

If you are coaching someone with this tool, or are trying this exercise on yourself, be sure to decide on some “homework,” for you or your client to accomplish. This creates a call to action to really get the ball rolling in the direction you or your client desires. Come up with a time period that this action needs to be done by. Ask your client to reach out to you when they are ready to proceed with the coaching process. If this exercise was for you, decide when you would like to try it again, or try another tool that will help you on your journey.

I hope you enjoyed this post and exercise! The Wheel of Balance is truly beneficial, and it is one of my favorite tools to use with my clients.
With love and light,

Looking for more?

Schedule a life coaching session with me if you feel like you are not getting enough out of trying this tool at home. Together, we can dig deeper and ask powerful questions and requests of you, to get the wheel turning, and help you create your best life now.

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