Card of the Day: 10.23.17

Energy work.

Your guardian angel comes to you today with a message of energy work. If you have been feeling bogged down with heavy energies, negative emotions, toxic energies from others, or illness, now is the time to clear yourself.
Research Reiki Masters or other energy healers in your area. Decide what type of energy healing will best suit you at this time.
When we clear our chakras, auras, and physical bodies of toxic energy, we can vibrate higher, and be the best version of ourselves, living our best lives.
Another possible meaning for this card is, if you have been toying with the idea of studying energy healing for your own benefit, or are wanting to become a certified energy worker, this is your sign to GO FOR IT. Follow your heart’s desire and your intuition. You can do it!
With love and light,

(Deck used: Daily Guidance from Your Angels by Doreen Virtue. Available to purchase through Amazon, by following the links below. 🙂 )

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