Monday Mantra: 10/23/17

Monday Morning Musings…

Good morning everyone, and Happy Monday! Today, I ask that you turn your attention to your intuition. I have been having such a great time lately, paying attention, and listening to my intuition.
Over the weekend, I kept getting this intense desire to go to Michael’s – the craft store. I went there thinking that I would see canvases for painting at a good price or something. But what ended up happening was not what I expected at all! I found a way to make something that I had thought about making a long time ago. These are things that I would like to have for sale on my blog, and maybe start an Etsy store with. I was so excited that I found the tools I’ll need, as well as the clarity!
I was so thankful that I listened to my intuition, when it told me to go to freakin’ Michael’s.
Now, the point of me sharing that story with you, is to show that your intuition acts as a daily guide. It is not always about serious life decisions. I once used my intuition to pick out a gift for someone, and that is a habit I have started to use any time I need to get someone something.
A few weeks ago, I was washing my face in our bathroom, while Taylor was picking out a movie to watch. My intuition told me what movie he was looking at. It was one I didn’t want to watch, so I walked into the living room, still washing my face, and told him I didn’t want to watch that movie. He laughed when he realized I walked out from the bathroom just because I knew he was looking at that movie.
So, you see? Listen to your intuition because it is fun, and exciting. Listen to your intuition because it can light up your life. And most importantly, if you start listening to it when it is telling you silly things, you will definitely be able to hear it when you are dealing with more serious circumstances.
Affirm: My intuition gets stronger every day.
Have a blessed Monday!
With love and light,

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