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Manifestation Station.

Manifestation – there’s a word that is becoming more and more popular with the times, eh? It is also a word that I use pretty much daily, either with my friends and family, or here, on my blog.
Manifestation goes hand-in-hand with the Law of Attraction, which simply states that you create your life with your thoughts and beliefs. It is super important that you be mindful of the thoughts about yourself, and others, that you hold daily. If you think negatively about yourself or another, you will manifest negative behaviors within yourself or those others.
On the other hand, if you believe good thoughts about yourself, you will feel better about who you are, and your position in life. If you hold good thoughts about your job, your grades, and your income, then you will attract more of those good things to you.
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Manifestation, sign me up!

One of the biggest things to remember when you are working on manifesting your dreams, is that you are deserving. 
This means that you are a Divine Spark of Light – a brilliant, and loved, child of the Universe. Therefore, there is nothing you do not deserve, when it comes to living a life you love, serving your life’s purpose, and manifesting for your highest good.
It is important that you remind yourself every day that you are loved, and you deserve all the good that life has to offer you. With this in mind, half of the manifestation process is already done with.

The next most important part of the manifesting process, is intention. 
Intention helps you identify your goals, and what you want to create in your life. When working with manifestation, you want to make sure that your goals and ideas are clearly defined. This helps you to know what you are working for, and why.
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I have created a Manifestation Worksheet, to help you clearly define your goals, set your intentions, and know why you are deserving of what you wish to create, or obtain.
You can download your worksheet for FREE, here: Manifest Your Dreams Worksheet
Check out the worksheet, and let me know your thoughts! If you feel you want some extra help with this worksheet, schedule a life coaching session with me, and we will fill it out together. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post, and download! Stay connected with me, and keep your thoughts positive!
With love and light,

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