Earth Angels: The Four Core Realms

Earth Angel Realms, by Doreen Virtue.

Earth Angel Realms, is a book and theory written by Doreen Virtue. I read this book for the first time over a year ago, and it seriously changed my life. For the first time, I was able to feel like I belonged somewhere. As I read the chapters, it was easy to see myself in each of the realms. However, when I got to my realm, I knew I found my place in the world. Everything seemed to click, and I felt more motivated to move forward in the direction that I always felt was my life purpose.

The Four Core Realms.

The book is divided into four core realms, and many combinations and hybrids of the four cores. Earth Angels are light-beings who have chosen to live life on Earth, in order to help the human race heal. Their sole purpose is to spread love and light, enlighten others, and protect Mother Earth.
The four core realms are: Incarnated Angel, Incarnated Elemental, Star Person, and Wise Ones.

1. Incarnated Angels.

Incarnated Angels are literally fallen angels. They are angels who have chosen to take on human form, to help others. They are very caring and gentle souls. They do not judge others, and they love to follow rules. A lot of Incarnated Angels have problems with their weight, and are addicted to sugar. This is because they use extra weight as a protective barrier against the energies and emotions of others. They are here to serve, but it can be overwhelming, especially if you are not aware that you are an Incarnated Angel.
You will usually see Incarnated Angels working as nurses, school teachers, and flight attendants. They love to help and teach, acting as guides for others. In relationships, they are usually the one trying to “fix,” their partner, and are prone to entering toxic relationships, with people who drain their energy.
It is important that Incarnated Angels learn how to shield themselves and clear themselves of other’s energy. They must learn how to love themselves a little bit more, so that they can offer more of the love that they long to give to others. Call in Archangel Michael to help you clear and protect your energy, if you are an Incarnated Angel. Know when to draw the line when people are taking too much from you. You have the right to do this.
All in all, Incarnated Angels are very sweet and compassionate beings. Their gentle nature is a true gift to all of humanity.

2. Incarnated Elementals.

Incarnated Elementals are literally incarnated fairies, animals, plants, etc. They are similar to Incarnated Angels, in that they are sweet and very caring. However, they are rule breakers and practical jokers. This is the main difference between the two. There are a lot of different elementals, and I suggest you look at some of my other posts to learn about the different types:
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Incarnated Elementals
Elementals can range in look and size, but most of them have a green color in their eyes, and a red tint in their hair. They love to party and really enjoy having fun. They are very fiery and passionate beings. They make great comedians, actors, and entertainers for this reason. They also have a strong connection with animals and nature. A lot of elementals end up doing work that is related to animal rights, and nature conservation.
On a darker side, Elementals are prone to addictions. If an Incarnated Angel is a fixer, Elementals are the fix-ees. It is important that Elementals think about the ways their behavior can hurt themselves or others. They must learn how to deal with their troubles in other ways. A lot of Elementals have a hard time communicating their feelings with their loved ones. If this is you, or you are close to an Elemental with this problem, please remember to be gentle with yourself or your loved one. Communicating can be difficult, but it is necessary to openly communicate to live a healthy life.

3. Star People.

Star People are souls who originated in other galaxies or on other planets. They have come to Earth to help. That is really all that Star People want. They are not drawn to the average human life, such as getting married, having children, etc. And they tend to be detached from their emotions. They are not very comfortable with Earth’s daily life because they are not used to it. A lot of Star People feel the desire to “go home.”
Star People males are usually tall and thin, and females are usually shorter and carry a little weight. Both have very spacey eyes, and look like they are from another world. You will see Star People in any job or profession where they can be of service to others. They make great Reiki and energy healers, too. They especially love sci-fi, and often have memories of being on a star-ship.
If you or a loved one are a Star Person, know that you or they are doing an amazing job bringing healing energy to the world.

4. Wise Ones.

Wise Ones are the only Earth Angel Realm whose souls originated on Earth. They are souls who have had past lives as witches, priests, shamans, etc. Basically any spiritually devoted profession of the past.
Wise Ones seem wise beyond their years, and they are definitely so. They have lived many lifetimes working as healers for humans and the Earth. A lot of them tend to seem like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders – that’s because they are.
Wise Ones love to give advice and will usually be seen in careers such as counselors, tarot readers, anything metaphysical, really. Because of their wisdom, they have the tendency to talk and teach at others, as opposed to talking and learning with them. It is important that Wise Ones learn how to be with their students, and reach them on their level.
Wise Ones have a lot to offer Earth at this time, as all the Earth Angel Realms do. It is important that all the realms work together to prepare Earth and her people for the energetic changes that will be taking place over the next few years.

Lightworkers Unite!

I hope that this post helped to clarify some of the differences between the four core realms. Please let me know if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.
Keep in mind also, that I am a Certified Earth Angel Realms Reader. If you would like to schedule a reading with me to discover your realm, you can do so here.

Also, if you want a copy of Earth Angel Realms, you may follow the links below. 🙂

Earth Angel Realms: Revised and Updated Information for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Wizards, and Other Lightworkers

With love and light,

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