November, 2017: Card Reading & Energy Update

Hello November! Energy of the 2.

Good morning all and welcome to November! I had a lovely Halloween with my partner, Taylor. We watched a movie from 1960, called Horror Hotel, had popcorn, and then I gave him a past life reading. (If you want a past life card reading, see my Services page. 🙂 ) I had a really great night! The movie starred Christopher Lee, and was about witchcraft. It was so cool! And I felt really good about Taylor’s reading. He seemed to learn a lot, and even teared up at one point. All in all, we had a great night.
I awoke today, feeling excited for this month, but also blown away that it is already November! I feel like October blew by. I have been speaking with one of my friends from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts about energy that has been coming to Earth. She shared with me that part of the reason everything seems to be going so fast is because of the energy that has been flowing to us. It is speeding things up and pushing us forward into newness.
I have also been having very strange, parallel universe-like dreams. I told her I am always tired, and I either get very little sleep or can’t seem to wake up in the morning. She told me this is also because of the energy shifts coming. She said the first one was on 10/10, the next one will be on 11/11, and the final one will be on 12/12.
Be ready for these dates, as they will be very intense energies. They are not meant to drain you, and will make you feel lifted up. It is important that you drink lots of water and get lots of rest. Do things to take care of yourself. Treat yourself to a spa day, exercise, do yoga, and meditate. These things will help you to be more receptive to the energy shifts.
In numerology, November is a 2 month, because 1+1, (11), equals 2. Therefore we are now in a 2 month, and it is a 1 year, because 2+0+1+7 = 10, then 1+0 = 1.
The energy of 2 is symbolized by forces coming together. Think duality. These forces can be both internal and external. The things you began manifesting last month, are starting to come into fruition. Perhaps you are partnering up with someone to work on your projects. Maybe you started a new romance, made a new friend, or connected with someone in some way. Trust your feelings about this person. You may be joining together to do some important work or learn some important lessons. Either way, you can expect to see positive outcomes from the opportunities you have created.

The Cards.

For this reading, I chose to work with the Tarot of the Spirit deck, by Pamela and Joyce Eakins. It is available to purchase from Amazon, by following this link: Tarot of the Spirit

The Spread:
1. One of Earth – Form
2. (Crossing) Five of Wind – Fear
3. (Bottom) Nine of Fire – Eye of Fire
4. (Left/Past) XVIII – The Moon
5. (Right/Ahead) Three of Fire – Birth of Light
6. (Above) VI – The Lovers
7. (Far Right/Bottom) One of Fire – Force
8. (2nd from Bottom) One of Water – Open Channel
9. (3rd from Bottom) III – The Empress
10. (Outcome) – Five of Fire – The Struggle
As the month begins, you may be feeling very optimistic. All you have worked for in October, the 1 month, is starting to manifest before your eyes. Take the opportunities that are ahead of you. Know that you are deserving, and will be met with material success in your endeavors.
The only thing that can hold you back now, is your own fear. This is the card that crosses. You must let go of your fear, to change the outcome – the last card. Do not allow yourself to struggle. Prepare for the Birth of Light – let yourself be filled with love, and share that love freely with others.
Work towards your dreams, and listen to your intuition. Your passion is very strong right now, as represented by the fire-suit cards. Let your passion out. If you are unsure about your position, or where to create your outlet, do not fear. With the new energies coming to Earth, you will soon learn where you are meant to be. This is a time for growth. Recall how you pulled yourself out of dark times in the past. Let the light that shines within you, shine through to the surface.
Times are changing, and we must not resist. Do things you love. Take care of, and feed your spirit. If we can raise our vibrations, we can assist others in raising theirs. By doing this we are preparing for the light, and energy shifts coming. By doing this, we are creating a better future for humanity as a whole.

Journal Questions.

  1. How can you raise your vibration?
  2. What new opportunities can you welcome into your life?
  3. What do you want to create?
  4. How will you care for your spirit this month?

This month is going to be wonderful. Keep your thoughts positive and see Spirit all around you.
With love and light,

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