Need a card reading? Check out my 11.11 Special!

11.11 Special.

Hey guys! In honor of the wave of energy that came to Earth today, I felt guided to give you a special offer. For today only, schedule a card reading with me (for any day this month) and receive the discounted price of $11!
If you have checked out my Services page, you will know that my card readings are normally $25. Take advantage of this price! If you’ve never had a card reading, this would be the perfect time to give it a try. 😉

So, what can you gain from a reading?

I love, love, love tarot and oracle cards! Can you tell? I have been reading cards for almost 8 years, and still have the same passion for them that I had back then. Cards have helped me through so many different times in my life, and I still refer to them weekly, when I feel I need that extra insight, or to see if what I’m receiving intuitively is confirmed by the cards.
By getting a card reading, you can:
-learn more about yourself
-learn more about your past, current, or future situations
-learn more about the people in your life
-receive life purpose guidance
-inquire about your romantic life
-inquire about your health
-learn about your past lives
Seriously guys, I have so many card decks, that my family makes fun of me! I most likely have the perfect deck for any of your needs or concerns. With the new energy that came to us today, the new energy to come next month on 12/12, and The Event that is happening in early 2018, now is truly the best time to get some outside insight.

I’m looking forward to working with you!
With love and light,

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