(Best) Essential Oils for Spiritual Care

Practices in Spirit.

So, there is a lot that goes into our own unique and individual spiritual care practices. We may do some type of yoga, meditation, visualization, pray, repeat mantras, use crystals, use tarot and other forms of divination, etc.
Sometimes when I pull tarot cards I light incense and sometimes I don’t. When I do personal readings for clients, I always have an essential oil diffuser going in my room where I work.
Since my aromatherapy class just ended, and I have an awesome book from Jade Shutes and Christina Weaver, Aromatherapy for Bodyworkers, I figured it would only be appropriate to share a list of the (Best) Essential Oils for Spiritual Care.


8 Essential Oils for Spiritual Care:

1. German Chamomile.

(stress and anxiety-relieving, anti-inflammatory, sedative)
Chamomile is one of my favorite teas to turn to when I am stressed, when my PMS is acting up, and when I know I need to go within to find the answers I seek. Basically, I love chamomile for its intense healing properties. My body signals me when I need some chamomile tea, for sure. German Chamomile essential oil can help with everything I listed above as well. Aromatherapy for Bodyworkers says German Chamomile:

eases the tension of excessive ego-desire and the frustration, resentment, and depression that frequently follow.

If you are trying to do some heavy spiritual work, and detach from your ego, try this baby out. German Chamomile is also good for the throat chakra.

2. Roman Chamomile.

(soothing, anti-inflammatory, helps anger)
So, Roman Chamomile has a lot of the same physical and emotional healing properties as German Chamomile. But I wanted to add it to the list because the book says it’s good for:

healing on the highest spiritual levels as it can assist in seeking higher spiritual truths and channeling information into awareness.

This essential oil also helps you open your crown chakra. Sounds like using the two types of Chamomile together would be one powerful meditation/cleansing session, huh?

3. Frankincense.

(healing, calming, meditative)
Frankincense is an aroma that I have heard linked with spiritual practices for all of my life. I absolutely love using Frankincense when I am reading cards, or trying to enter deep meditation. It is great for spiritual well-being, and this includes having the power to alleviate feelings of despair and anxiety. It can help you connect with your spirit, so that you can better connect with the Divine. It is also good for the crown chakra.

4. Patchouli.

(anti-depressant, grounding, centering, meditative)
I know, when you see the name Patchouli, don’t you picture yourself sitting in your room, with lots of beads, incense, and the latest rock records playing in the background? I sure as hell do, but that’s because I had a past life in the ’60s. 😉
No, but seriously. Those people were onto something, because Patchouli helps us connect with and balance our sexuality – which I find to be a very important part of our spiritual well-being – and it helps us to ground ourselves, helping us to live in the present moment. Patchouli also helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Plus, it’s good for your sacral chakra.

5. Rosemary.

(stimulant, antiviral, memory aid)
Rosemary has one of the best scents of essential oils, in my opinion (it blends really well with lavender, too!). But in terms of spiritual care, rosemary can help you build up your self-worth, and balance your ego, in  a healthy way. It also aids with clairvoyance, so reach for some rosemary when you want to open your third eye.

6. Vetiver.

(calming, grounding)
Vetiver is an essential oil that I was introduced to, upon reading the book for my aromatherapy class. Although I have never used it, I thought it should be included in this list, because the book says it:

is a wonderful essential oil for those who tend to float outside their bodies and yet need to be grounded and centered in life.

It also helps to cleanse the entire chakra/aura system. So I thought this was beneficial information for some of you modern mystics out there.

7. Angelica Root.

(balancing, grounding, rejuvenating)
This is another essential oil that I was recently introduced to. I was so happy to discover it, though, because it helps you to connect with your guardian angels. Seriously, this oil is heaven sent. It helps you connect with your Higher Self, thus helping you to tap into your inner guidance, as well as helping you vibrate higher to connect with the angelic realm. If you have been wanting to get closer to your angel team, this will surely do the trick.

8. Helichrysum.

(anti-inflammatory, skin conditions)
Does this name seem familiar? That’s because this oil was in my last essential oils post, (Best) Essential Oils for Skincare. I love learning how diverse all these oils are! There is literally an oil for everything, and then some. In spiritual care, Helichrysum is can be applied directly to your third eye – with a carrier oil, of course – and helps assist you with your personal growth, as you follow your life path. It can also enhance your creativity and helps you leave behind feelings of stagnation, and negative thought patterns. This essential oil is definitely a must have for beauty on the inside and out!

Adobe Spark (10)

How to use.

Remember that if you are using oils topically, that you always look up their safety information. It is important that you always use a carrier oil or lotion – I recommend NOW Organic Jojoba Oil.
You can also use these oils in an essential oil diffuser, or simply by inhaling their aroma. But again, always look up their specific safety information before using them in any way. All are perfectly safe, but you still don’t want to overuse them, especially for money-saving purposes.
I would suggest using any of the oils above to guide you in meditation, or visualization practices. They will also be helpful for yoga, reading, writing, or with the arts, as they will help you think clearly, and connect with your spiritual side.

What do you think?

Have you used any of these oils before? Did any spark your interest? Which one are you going to incorporate into your spiritual routines?
I hope you enjoyed this post!
Namaste –
With love and light,

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