Card of the Day: 11.15.17

Eireen – Peace.

Eireen, the Greek Goddess of Peace, comes to us today, to remind us about inner peace. Times have been very interesting and quite chaotic, recently. Keep your faith strong, and trust in the Divine. Lady Eireen reminds us that everything will work out in alignment with our highest good, as there is a Divine plan at work behind the scenes.
Make time to enjoy yourself, and play. Work on your hobbies, meditate, journal, do yoga, go to the spa, or have a spa day at home. Treat yourself with love and respect and remember to show gratitude for all you have been blessed with. Doing this will draw in more of that wonderful energy to your life, thus ensuring your concerns are settled in the most positive way possible.
Replace fear with faith, and worry with trust, and you will be fine. 🙂
With love and light,

(Deck used: Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue. Available to purchase through Amazon, by following the links below.)

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

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