Card of the Day: 11.17.17

Love Yourself First.

When imagining your perfect love, and thinking about relationships past, it is important that you turn your attention away from the other person, and instead focus on you.
How much time do you spend a day lifting yourself up, instead of beating yourself down? Pay attention to the words and language you use to describe yourself and your actions. Treating yourself with low respect will only attract partners who will do the same. It is vital that you learn how to love yourself, and truly accept everything you have done.
Think about what you have learned about yourself from your past loves. What have you learned about life, and romance? What boundaries have you set for yourself? Where have you grown?
See yourself in the highest love vibration possible. Make time each day to pamper yourself. This is how you will attract the perfect partner for you, who will love and respect you the same way you do.
Ask the romance angels for their assistance. Carry a rose quartz to help you learn how to love yourself, open your heart chakra, and attract your ideal romantic partner.
With love and light,

(Deck used: Romance Angels by Doreen Virtue. Available to order from Amazon, by following the links below. 🙂 )

The Romance Angels Oracle Cards

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